Unlock Your Inner Lip Goddess with NYX Professional Makeup’s Naughty Noir Lip Lingerie XXL

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NYX Professional Makeup understands that your lips are one of your most alluring assets. That’s why we created the Naughty Noir shade in our iconic Lip Lingerie XXL collection – to help you unleash your inner lip goddess.

With its deeply pigmented, lush black hue, Naughty Noir glides onto lips like a dream, imparting show-stopping color and drama in a single swipe. This shade transforms your pout into an object of desire that commands attention.

But Naughty Noir is more than just a pretty face. It’s been formulated to give you 16 hours of flawless, fade and transfer-proof wear. The lightweight formula goes on silky smooth without any sticky or tacky feeling. It sets down to a soft, powdery matte finish that flatters any complexion. Kissable yet fierce, Naughty Noir is sexiness and elegance bottled into one stunning lip product.

Thanks to the XXL wand, outlining and filling in your lips is quick and easy. The tapered tip allows you to trace the contours of your cupid’s bow and shape the edges meticulously. Then turn the wand sideways to coat lips with vibrant, opaque color. With Naughty Noir, you can achieve a neat, crisp lip look that lasts all day and night long.

Whether you’re after a bold, statement-making pout or prefer a more understated stain, Naughty Noir has got you covered. Dab it lightly on the center of lips and blend outward for a soft, blurred effect. Or amp up the drama by applying two rich coats. This buildable formula lets you customize the intensity to suit your mood and occasion. A touch of finesse turns Naughty Noir from vixen to vamp.

Of course, even queens need proper prep work. So be sure to exfoliate and moisturize lips before applying Naughty Noir. For extra insurance, outline the edges with a coordinating lip liner. Set the look with translucent powder to lock in the rich pigment and matte finish all day. With the right tools and techniques, your Naughty Noir lip will look freshly applied morning ’til midnight.

Now let’s talk ingredients. NYX Professional Makeup is 100% cruelty-free, so you can feel good about the lush payoff and velvety texture enveloping your lips. Naughty Noir is formulated without parabens or mineral oil for healthy hydration that nourishes as it colors. The avocado oil keeps lips softened while vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection.

Naughty Noir features an intense blackened purple base swirled with blue and red pearl for dimension that glistens subtly on lips. This shade is incredibly versatile for any season. In spring and summer, pair it with glowy skin and dewy cheeks for an effortless bombshell vibe. Come fall and winter, play up Naughty Noir’s vampy edge with smoky eyes, contoured cheeks and flawless skin.

Pro tip: switch out your typical nude or rosy gloss for Naughty Noir when wearing a black dress for extra dramatic impact. This color commands attention and empowers the wearer.

For under $10, Naughty Noir lipstick might just be your new beauty obsession. It glides on with a velvety smoothness and imparts deep, dramatic color that garners compliments. The transfer-proof formula eliminates hassles for comfortable all-day wear. Luscious hydration keeps your pout soft and supple every time you apply.

Add Naughty Noir to your makeup routine to unleash your inner lip goddess. With its striking color, flawless finish and comfortable feel, this shade was made for luscious, show-stopping lips. So unlock your most confident, daring self and take your pout to the next level with just one swipe.


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