Tame Tousled Tresses with So Cozy Curl Spray for Kids!

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Is your little one’s curly mane a knotted mess by bedtime? Do you cringe at the thought of detangling their tangled tresses? We feel your pain! That’s why we created So Cozy Curl Spray for Kids – the gentle yet effective solution for restoring bounce and banishing knots.

Salon Quality Formulation

So Cozy brings over 20 years of professional expertise in caring for kids’ curls to this conditioning curl spray. Thoughtfully formulated without harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and formaldehyde, this leave-in conditioner nourishes and defines curls while making hair easier to detangle.

Key nourishing ingredients like vitamin B5, jojoba oil, and olive oil penetrate each strand to deeply moisturize hair. Vitamin B5 strengthens and protects, jojoba oil mimics the hair’s natural oils, and olive oil softens and conditions. These ingredients work together to turn dry, frizzy hair into soft, touchable curls your child will love.

Multi-Purpose Magic

So Cozy Curl Spray does double duty as a leave-in conditioner and detangler. Lightly mist onto wet or dry hair and gently comb through to banish tangles and knots while conditioning curls. Your little one’s locks will be supple and smooth, never stiff or crunchy.

For best results, apply to clean, damp hair before styling. Scrunch into curls to encourage definition and cut down on frizz. Air dry or diffuse as desired. So Cozy transforms unruly tresses into defined, touchable curls that last all day.

Nourish Sensitive Scalps

Is your child’s scalp easily irritated? Ours too! That’s why we carefully crafted this formula to nourish hair without aggravating sensitive scalps. So Cozy Curl Spray is hypoallergenic, gentle enough for daily use, and free of common irritants. Say goodbye to itchy, uncomfortable scalps!

Sweet Pea Goodness

The lightly sweet, floral scent of So Cozy Curl Spray comes from a touch of natural sweet pea extract. It smells good enough to eat! Your little one will love having hair that smells as sweet as they are.

Tangle Taming Made Easy

Bath time just got a whole lot easier thanks to So Cozy’s magical knot busting powers! Simply spritz onto wet hair before shampooing to minimize wrestling with tangles. The nourishing formula smooths and conditions hair, making wet detangling a breeze.

Convenient Twin Pack

Take the guesswork out of restocking with So Cozy’s extra large twin pack. Get double the tangle-taming, frizz fighting power with enough to keep your whole family’s curls looking their best. This great value pack means you’ll never run out right when you need it most.

Give your kid’s curls some extra care and attention with So Cozy Curl Spray for Kids. Our salon quality formula nourishes, detangles, and defines for touchably soft, frizz-free hair every day.


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