Spicy Woody Sandalwood Perfume Oil Roll On for Men and Women – Alcohol Free Aromatherapy Fragrance for Daily & Special Occasions

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Escape to an enchanted forest with our spicy, woody unisex Sandalwood Perfume Oil. This concentrated roll on fragrance features an exotic blend of rich, smokey sandalwood layered with fresh, cool herbal notes. Perfect for both men and women, this versatile scent transitions seamlessly from day to night.

The fragrance opens with bursts of crisp, green basil and herbaceous clary sage grounded by earthy vetiver. As it dries down, the scent becomes more woody and sensual with notes of cedarwood, oakmoss and musk mingling with the warm, creamy sandalwood. A hint of vanilla softens the blend while amber and tonka bean add a touch of sweetness and depth.

This perfume oil is formulated with an all-natural base of jojoba, fractionated coconut and vitamin E oils. The oil-based formula allows the fragrance to unfold slowly on the skin, lasting for hours without becoming overpowering. It moisturizes as it perfumes, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished.

Key Features:

  • Unisex woody, spicy sandalwood scent perfect for both men and women
  • Subtle green herbal opening notes followed by rich, earthy sandalwood
  • Alcohol-free perfume oil based on natural moisturizing carrier oils
  • Portable roll-on bottle for easy, mess-free application on-the-go
  • Long-lasting aroma layers beautifully without becoming overwhelming
  • Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free formula safe for sensitive skin

Sandalwood’s Timeless Allure

Sandalwood has been prized in perfumes and incense for thousands of years. In ancient India, the fine-grained wood was considered sacred and thought to bring spiritual enlightenment. Sandalwood essential oil was treasured for its sweet, creamy, slightly spicy aroma and used in religious ceremonies.

Today, sandalwood remains a beloved base note anchoring both women’s and men’s fragrances. Its rich, woodsy character blends effortlessly with citrus, floral and oriental notes. A touch of sandalwood lends depth and mystique to any blend.

Our Sandalwood Perfume Oil perfectly captures the essence of this treasured ingredient. It opens with green, crisp herbal notes reminiscent of fresh sandalwood chips. As the scent evolves, it becomes more sensual with creamy sandalwood underscored by earthy vetiver, smoldering incense and leather. Spicy ginger and pepper add vibrancy while subtle vanilla and amber create an aura of warmth and comfort.

How to Apply Our Perfume Oil

Our roll-on perfume oil couldn’t be easier to use. Uncap and gently roll onto clean, dry skin on your wrists, throat and pulse points. Allow the fragrance to interact with your unique body chemistry as the oils penetrate the skin. The aroma will slowly unfurl to reveal layers of complexity.

A little goes a long way with this concentrated formula. We suggest one or two rolls per application. Touch up as needed to refresh the scent throughout the day. The non-greasy base absorbs quickly without residue.

When to Wear This Versatile Scent

This unisex aroma works beautifully for both men and women. The earthy woodiness makes it perfect for daytime wear whether you’re heading to the office, running errands or enjoying a casual weekend. The rich warmth also lends itself well to more romantic evenings out.

While sandalwood is suitable for all seasons, this scent really shines in fall and winter. The subtly spicy undertones feel special around the holidays when you want to smell seasonal but not too literal.

Keep a bottle on hand to scent yourself head-to-toe. Roll onto pulse points, hair, clothing and even shoes. Mix with your favorite lotion for a coordinating moisturizing layer. For total fragrance immersion, add a few drops to bathwater.

Experience the Mystique of Sandalwood

Let our Sandalwood Perfume Oil transport you to an exotic forest temple filled with intrigue and earthy elegance. The spicy woodsy aroma evokes tranquility, spiritual awakening and luxurious sensuality. Choose this artisanal fragrance for a soulful scent experience.


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