Sparkle and Shine All Day Long with Ownest’s Glitter Liquid Eyeliner – 10 Vibrant, Metallic Colors for Dazzling Eyes

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Do you dream of creating fun, eye-catching makeup looks that are vibrant, shimmery and full of pizzazz? Are you bored with your same old eyeliner routine and ready to add some sparkle and glam to your beauty game? Then get ready to make a splash with Ownest’s Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, featuring 10 vivid metallic colors that will take your eye makeup to a dazzling new dimension!

Unlike ordinary eyeliners that simply trace and define the eyes, Ownest’s glitter eyeliner doubles as a liner AND an eyeshadow, allowing you to outline, fill in AND add pops of glittery color to your lids. The intensely pigmented, liquid glitter formula dries quickly and lasts all day without fading, smudging or flaking off. The fine glitter particles add next-level shimmer and shine that is sure to turn heads and get you noticed!

Vibrant, Eye-Catching Colors

Ownest’s glitter eyeliner pencil comes in a spectrum of 10 brilliant metallic shades that offer a fun pop of color:

Classic Silver – Subtly shimmery cool-toned silver. Universally flatteringneutral that brightens eyes.
Radiant Gold – Warm golden tone with a luxurious, gilded shimmer. Gorgeous on green and brown eyes.
Electric Blue – Vibrant, neon blue with an intense metallic finish. Makes eyes pop!
Pretty in Pink – Feminine petal pink hue with a soft pearly glow. Perfect for a sweet, romantic look.
Fiery Red – Rich, dramatic crimson red hue. Brings major sizzle and sex appeal for nighttime.
Emerald Green – Deep jewel tone green that makes hazel and brown eyes look more green. Stunning for parties!
Sunny Yellow – Cheerful bright yellow with a summery golden shimmer. Fun for daytime glam.
Royal Purple – Regal violet shade with a multidimensional opalescent effect. Adds luxury and intrigue.
Tangerine Orange – Citrusy orange with a warm gilded glow. Makes blue eyes sizzle.
Rose Gold – Romantic metallic rose gold, ideal for a pretty everyday glow. Universally flattering on all complexions.
With so many gorgeous shades, you can mix and match to create any look you desire – from bright and bold, to soft and subtle. The smooth, liquid formula makes it easy to draw clean, precise lines or fill in the entire lid with metallic glamour.

Long Lasting and Waterproof for up to 12 Hours of Eye Drama

Unlike some glitter eyeliners that fade, smudge or flake off quickly, Ownest’s formula was designed for lasting wear. The intensely pigmented colors adhere smoothly and tightly to lids for up to 12 hours of eye drama without any fall out. The quick-drying liquid creates a smudge-proof barrier that withstands moisture, humidity, tears or oily lids without running or transferring. Even if you rub your eyes, the metallic glitter particles remain locked into place all day and night.

You can enjoy vibrant, sparkly eyes from morning till midnight without constantly needing to reapply. Wear it alone or layer it over powder eyeshadow to intensify the color. The waterproof eyeliner delivers stay-put wear that withstands everything from sweaty workouts to tears of joy without budging.

Glides on Smoothly for Precise,Dramatic Definition

Glitter eyeliner looks amazing, but can be tricky to apply neatly. Ownest’s liquid eyeliner glides on with silky precision thanks to an ultra-fine felt tip applicator. The tapered tip offers total control, allowing you to effortlessly trace your lashline or create the perfect cat eye, winged tip or other defined shape with ease.

The flexible applicator tip hugs every curve and reaches tricky areas like the inner corners without any skips, gaps or smudges for clean, consistent color payoff. The liquid formula applies smoothly without dragging or pulling on delicate lids. It sets quickly so you can layer on multiple coats to build your desired intensity of shimmer and shine.

How to Use for Eye-Catching Effects

Ownest’s glitter eyeliner lets you customize fun, head-turning looks that make your eyes the center of attention.

For bold, defined eyes, use the felt tip to trace your upper lash line. Let dry slightly and repeat to intensify the color. For added drama, extend the line beyond your outer corner.
To create striking glitter cat eyes, draw the liner across your lid, flicking the tip up and out from the outer corner. Let dry and repeat on top to make the color really stand out.
For an allover glitter lid, apply the liquid liner across your entire lid like a shadow. Pat with your finger to blend and evenly distribute the sparkle.
Add pops of glitter to basic eyeliner by tracing halfway over your black or brown pencil line with a glitter shade. The mix of textures is mesmerizing!
Use metallic pink or gold liner on lower inner rims for a wide-eyed look.
Swipe a bright glitter shade along your lower lash line and inner corners for a fun color flash.
Complement your shadow look by applying glitter liner just along your upper lash line and inner corners.
Let your creativity run wild! With so many ways to wear it, this versatile metallic eyeliner can create any glittery eye look you crave.

Sparkle All Day with No Glue or Fallout

Unlike messy glitter glue pots, Ownest’s liquid eyeliner formula delivers sparkle that adheres directly onto lids – no sticky glue needed! The fine glitter particles are suspended directly in the liner formula so they go on and stay on with serious staying power. There’s no fallout or loose glitter bits landing on your cheeks.

Although it contains glitter particles, the liquid formula is not actually glue-based. It has a flexible resin that keeps the shimmer tightly locked in, preventing shedding, transfers or flakes. Ownest’s eyeliner delivers smooth, even glitter payoff without clumping or the texture issues found in cheaper glitter liners.

Just apply and in 2-3 minutes, you have vibrant metallic color that sets firmly and wears comfortably all day. No glue residue or uneven texture – just lots of eye-catching sparkle!

Own the Glam with This Eyeliner Must-Have

Amp up your eyeliner artistry with Ownest’s 10-piece Glitter Eyeliner set! With a spectrum of bold, beautiful metallic shades, you can create dazzling eye looks for any occasion. The intensely pigmented, quick-drying liquid formula gives you vivid color, precision application and lasting 12 hour wear.

Keep your eyes shimmering and sparkling from day to night with this eyeliner that doubles as a shadow! Stand out from the crowd with these head-turning glitter eyeliner colors that make eyes mesmerizing. Own your own glam collection and enjoy shine, drama and vibrant style for every mood and outfit. Your eyes will thank you!


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