SoCozy Swim Spray | Leave-In Treatment & Conditioner | Repairs Chlorine Damage and Protects Kids’ Hair

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Is your child’s hair looking a little green after swim practice or a day at the pool? Chlorine can damage hair, leaving it dry, brittle and discolored. Give your kid’s locks some TLC with SoCozy Swim Spray!

Formulated just for kids, this leave-in treatment is specially designed to restore hair that’s been damaged by chlorine, saltwater and sun exposure. The lightweight spray formula infuses hair with moisture and helps remove brassiness and green tones.

Repairs Damage and Hydrates Dry Hair

The star ingredient is activated charcoal, which draws out impurities from the hair shaft while depositing nourishing ingredients. Sunflower seed extract, rich in Vitamin E, helps repair damage and protect against future environmental aggressors. Provitamin B5 softens and hydrates, restoring suppleness and shine.

Regular use of SoCozy Swim Spray will help keep your child’s hair looking and feeling healthy, even after constant swimming and play in the sun and saltwater.

Salon-Quality Formula Kids Will Love

SoCozy Swim Spray is proudly made in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility. Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience caring for kids’ hair. This formula is safe for all hair types and gently nourishes hair without weighing it down.

The lightly coconut-scented spray conditions, detangles, and softens hair. Simply mist it onto clean, damp hair before combing through. It can be used daily to provide lasting hydration and protection. Your kid will love the refreshing feel and tropical scent!

Free of Harsh Ingredients

You’ll have peace of mind knowing SoCozy products are free of:

Synthetic colors and dyes
Gluten, wheat, and nuts
We never test our products on animals. Our kid-safe formula is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated and sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use SoCozy Swim Spray?
After swimming, shampoo and condition your child’s hair as usual. Squeeze out excess moisture and mist Swim Spray liberally onto damp hair. Comb through to distribute evenly and style as desired. Can be used daily to maintain hydration and protect hair.

Is Swim Spray safe for my child’s hair and skin?
Yes! Our formula is free of harsh chemicals and safe for daily use. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for all hair types.

What’s the difference between Swim Spray and an ordinary leave-in conditioner?
Swim Spray is specially designed to remove green tones from hair damaged by chlorine and saltwater. The activated charcoal draws out impurities while nourishing ingredients repair damage and provide protection. It’s more than just a conditioner!

What scent is Swim Spray?
It has a light, tropical coconut scent that kids love!

How much should I use each time?
Apply liberally to damp hair after swimming or shampooing. Use more as needed for very dry, damaged hair. For maintenance, a few spritzes daily will help keep hair healthy and detangled.

Love Your Kid’s Hair Again

Don’t let dry, damaged hair ruin your child’s swim season. SoCozy Swim Spray nourishes hair while removing brassiness and green tones. Our salon-quality formula relies on safe, natural ingredients to make sure your kid’s hair looks and feels its best. For best results, use Swim Spray throughout swim season and all year round!


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