Smilco Breathable Mesh Hair Nets – The Ultimate Tool for Keeping Long Hair Secure During Work and Play (100 Pack)

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Is your long, flowing hair constantly getting in the way while you’re trying to get work done or enjoy your favorite activities? Are you tired of having to continuously sweep stray strands out of your face and behind your ears? Or do you wish you could keep your hair neatly secured for professionalism but don’t want to damage your locks by pulling them too tight?

Then you need Smilco’s breathable mesh hair nets – the perfect solution for keeping long hair in place comfortably and securely! These elasticized nylon nets are designed to gently hold every strand, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of your hair. Plus, they’re so lightweight and airy, you’ll barely feel them on.


  • Contains 100 hair nets for plenty of spares
  • Made from breathable nylon mesh that won’t cause overheating
  • Gently elasticized to keep hair secure without pulling
  • Nearly invisible look blends right in to hair
  • Fits snugly on hair buns, ponytails, braids, and loose hair
  • One size stretches to fit most hair lengths and volumes
  • Ideal for work, sports, sleep, costumes, and more

Keep Flyaways Contained During Work

If your long hair is always trailing across your face, neck, and shoulders while you’re trying to get work done, these nets can help. Simply sweep hair back and situate the net over your locks to keep stray strands neatly back and out of the way. No more having to constantly readjust and disrupt your focus.

The ultra-fine mesh allows plenty of breathability, so you won’t overheat even when wearing a net for hours on end. And the barely-there feel lets you move freely without annoyance from a bulky accessory. For wait staff, chefs, medical professionals, bank tellers, flight attendants, and more, these nets are a workwear necessity.

Maintain a Professional Look

For many professions, keeping hair neatly groomed is part of the dress code. But long, thick hair can be difficult to control. Smilco’s hair nets allow you to quickly smooth every strand back and contain it within the net’s secure hold.

The nearly invisible mesh blends right in while giving hair a polished, professional appearance. No need for tight buns or slick ponytails when these nets can neatly tame your locks with a natural look. They provide just enough control for a work-appropriate style.

Enjoy Activities Unencumbered

Loose, long hair bouncing around your face can quickly become a nuisance when you’re active. Secure your strands in a Smilco net so they stay right where you put them as you move.

These nets are a must for dancers, athletes, yoga enthusiasts, gardeners, house cleaners, and anyone else who doesn’t want hair constantly interfering. The smooth nylon won’t catch or pull, allowing you to focus on your activity rather than your hair.

Get Beauty Sleep without Disruptions

Avoid waking up with a tangled mess brought on by tossing and turning at night. Simply slip your hair into one of these nets before bed to keep your locks neatly contained and friction-free as you sleep.

The ultra-soft mesh won’t cause the breakage and knotting that pillow friction can create. And you’ll avoid having to come to full wakefulness just to sweep hair away from your face during the night. Wake up refreshed after a night of undisturbed rest.

Other Uses

From securing wigs and hair extensions to protecting elaborate Halloween costumes or performance looks, the possibilities are endless with these hair nets! They’re even great for holding together buns, braids, and ponytails to extend the longevity of salon styles between washes.

High Quality Materials

Crafted from durable nylon, these nets can withstand up to 33 pounds of pulling force without tearing or losing their shape. The ultra-fine mesh is snag-resistant and designed to protect hair without ever catching or pulling.

The elasticized edge has just the right amount of stretch to gently grip hair of varying lengths and thicknesses. One size truly does fit most thanks to the adjustable slim fit.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Smilco wants all customers to be thrilled with this hair accessory pack. That’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with the quality and performance of these nets, simply contact Smilco’s friendly customer service team to receive a full refund or replacement.

With an entire bag of spares, you’ll always have a clean net ready to neatly tame your hair! Simply throw them in the laundry in between uses so they’re ready for the next time you need to rein in your locks.

Stop battling with your long hair and contain it comfortably and invisibly with Smilco’s Breathable Mesh Hair Nets. Order a pack today so you always have one on hand when you need it!


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