Skala Type 3ABC Conditioning Treatment for Frizz-Free Curly Hair

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Tame your curls and say goodbye to frizz with the new Skala Type 3ABC Conditioning Treatment. Formulated specifically for curly and wavy hair types, this 2-in-1 treatment cream eliminates frizz while deeply conditioning your locks.

Goodbye Frizz, Hello Defined Curls!

The unique formula contains nourishing Brazilian botanical oils and extracts that replenish moisture, restore elasticity, and boost shine. Your curls will be touchably soft, bouncy, and defined without any crunchiness or residue.

2-in-1 Conditioning Formula

Use the Skala Type 3ABC as both an in-shower conditioning treatment and a leave-in styling cream. As a treatment, apply generously to washed hair, let sit for 3-5 minutes, and rinse. For a leave-in, apply a palm-full to towel dried hair and style as usual. Your curls will spring back to life, frizz-free!

Key Ingredients

Cupuaçu butter: Deeply moisturizes and conditions hair. Restores elasticity for defined, bounce-back curls.
Açai oil: Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Nourishes and protects hair.
Passionfruit extract: Natural curl enhancer. Boosts bounce and elasticity.
Tucuma butter: Softens and smoothes hair cuticles to eliminate frizz.

Complimentary Curl Defining Comb

This conditioning treatment comes with a complimentary wide tooth comb that evenly distributes the cream through curls from roots to ends. The comb’s seamless design prevents breakage and snagging for frizz-free styling.

Curly Girl Method Approved

The Skala Type 3ABC is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colors or fragrances, making it Curly Girl Method approved. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. Safe for all curl types and hair textures.

How to Use

Shampoo and condition hair as normal. Rinse out conditioner.
Apply a generous amount of Skala Type 3ABC Cream evenly throughout damp hair.
Use the complimentary comb to distribute product from roots to ends.
Twist hair into sections and scrunch into curls, encouraging definition.
Air dry or diffuse gently with a diffuser attachment.
Finger coil any pieces that need extra definition.
Let fully dry then carefully break apart curls.

Effective on All Curl Patterns

The Skala Type 3ABC is specifically designed for wavy to coily hair types, including:

Type 2A – Loose waves
Type 2B – More defined waves
Type 2C – Tight coils and ringlets
Type 3A – Springy ringlets
Type 3B – Tighter corkscrew curls
Type 3C – Coiled curls
Type 4A – Tightly coiled S curls
Type 4B – Z patterned coils
Type 4C – Tight Z patterned coils
With the Skala Type 3ABC 2-in-1 Conditioning Treatment, you can take your curls from frizzy and undefined to smooth and bouncy. Dry, thirsty curls are transformed into hydrated, supple strands. Say goodbye to crunchy curls and bad hair days!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one jar last?

One 32 oz jar should last around 4-6 months with regular use. A little goes a long way!

When should I use the treatment?

Use as part of your regular wash day routine in place of a conditioner. Can be used daily, weekly, or as needed.

Can I use other products too?

Yes! Use your favorite shampoo and styling products as normal. Apply the Skala treatment after shampooing and before leave-in conditioner or styler.

Is it safe for color treated hair?

Yes, the formula is color safe and gentle for all hair types. The nourishing oils actually enhance color vibrancy!

Does it cause build-up?

No! The formula is non-greasy and won’t cause product build-up over time.

Take your curls to the next level with the new Skala Type 3ABC 2-in-1 Treatment! Stock up today and unlock frizz-free, defined curls.


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