SJP NYC Eau de Parfum Spray – An Invigorating Celebration of New York’s Energy and Style for Day or Night

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Embrace the vibrant spirit of the city that never sleeps with SJP NYC Eau de Parfum. Inspired by the electrifying energy and eclectic style of New York City, this fragrance brings the excitement of a night out with an enticing blend of fruits, florals, and musks.

Top Notes

The scent opens with an effervescent splash of mandarin orange, immediately transporting you to the bustling streets of the Big Apple on a sunny day. Juicy wild strawberries and refreshing white osmanthus add fruity sweetness, capturing New York’s playful side.

Heart Notes

Romantic florals such as gardenia, honeysuckle, and mimosa bloom in the heart notes, reminiscent of lazy afternoons spent exploring the city’s green spaces. A touch of rich red Damascena rose brings feminine allure.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance with warm, sensual vanilla absolute, creamy musk, sandalwood, and a splash of rum. These notes evoke cozy evenings spent with friends, turning the city into your playground.

A Fragrance For Your Bold, Eclectic Side

SJP NYC allows you to reveal your adventurous spirit, no matter if you’re strutting down 5th Avenue or dancing the night away downtown. The contrasting notes mingle beautifully, just like the diverse cultures and personalities you’ll encounter in this cosmopolitan jungle.

While florals give it a distinctly feminine air, the woody and musky base notes add a bold sensuality, perfect for date nights or whenever you want to unleash your inner diva. The mandarin and fruits maintain vibrancy and youthfulness.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fragrance Expansion

As a style icon celebrated for her fashion sense, Sarah Jessica Parker’s passion for fragrance was a natural next step. After achieving phenomenal success with her debut perfume Lovely in 2005, SJP has expanded into a range of enticing scents.

A Unique, Custom-Designed Bottle

The diamond-faceted bottle features swatches of fabric Sarah Jessica hand-selected from her favorite NYC shops. The eclectic patchwork pattern reflects the city’s energy and diversity. The bold fuchsia hue pops against the transparent glass, making this a statement piece you’ll proudly display.

When to Wear It

Energizing citrus and fruits make SJP NYC ideal for daytime wear, perfect for making a stylish statement at brunch or a shopping spree. The florals add a touch of femininity for the office or luncheons.

At night, the richer notes come forward to make this the perfect signature scent for a night out clubbing, a romantic dinner, or a walk under the city lights. The vibrant character won’t overpower in close quarters, making it office-appropriate.

Layering with Body Lotions and Mists

Layer SJP NYC Eau de Parfum with the SJP NYC Body Lotion and Body Mist to make the fragrance last even longer while nourishing your skin. The perfumed lotion hydrates with shea butter and glycerin, leaving skin soft and lightly scented from head to toe.

The Body Mist is perfect for refreshing on the go with a quick spritz. It’s sized for your purse so you can spritz and revive the scent whenever you want that instant NYC vibe.

Gift-Worthy Presentation

SJP NYC makes a fabulous gift for the city girl in your life. Presented in a bold hot pink gift box, this set includes a 3.4oz Eau de Parfum spray, a 5oz perfumed Body Lotion, and a 5oz Body Mist.

The coordinated trio allows her to layer the scent while the stylish packaging looks beautiful arranged on her vanity. It’s sure to wow at birthday parties, holidays, or as a treat just because.

Empowering, Yet Enticing

While SJP NYC conjures images of skyscrapers, yellow taxis, and dynamic city life, at its heart this scent is about confidently embracing your multifaceted self. The contrasting notes work in harmony to create an empowering, enticing fragrance that celebrates your femininity and fearless spirit.

Spray on SJP NYC to channel the style, romance, and adventure of the city. Let the vibrant mix of fruits, florals, and musks inspire you to live passionately without apologies. This versatile fragrance captures your playful charm while whisking you away on an exciting urban getaway.


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