Silkie Scrunchies – Silk Hair Ties for No Damage Styling

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Tired of traditional elastic hair ties that pull, snap, and damage your hair? Say goodbye to bad hair days with Silkie’s luxurious mulberry silk scrunchies. Our skinny silk hair ties are specially designed to prevent breakage, protect your strands, and create effortlessly beautiful hairstyles.

Crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk, our scrunchies gently grip hair without tugging or snagging like cheaper elastic ties. The smooth silk material simply glides through hair, preventing friction, tangles, and spilt ends overnight. Silk is naturally soft and gentle, so you can comfortably sleep with your hair tied up without waking to a bird’s nest of knots and kinks!

During the day, Silkie scrunchies allow you to create chic updo’s without worrying about dents or creases in hair. The ruched silk fabric holds styles firmly in place with no pulling or loosening. Whether you prefer a slick high pony, messy top knot, or braided chignon, our scrunchies will keep your look polished from morning to night.

Available in a set of 4 complimentary neutral tones, our skinny silk hair ties effortlessly match any outfit or occasion. Look put together for work with your hair in a low bun, then head out in the evening with a stylish high pony. The versatile colors also blend seamlessly into hair, creating a clean, understated finish.

Our scrunchies aren’t just stylish, they’re multi-functional too. Silk is temperature regulating, meaning it helps hair retain moisture and prevents frizz – even through intense exercise or humidity. So you can wear Silkies during tough workouts without heat damage or flyaways. The gentle silk ties also provide relief from migraines and facial tension when worn looser on the wrist.

Better hair health starts today with Silkie’s mulberry silk scrunchies. Ditch painful elastics and experience the silky soft feeling of pure silk cradling your strands. Your hair will thank you!

Caring for silk is simple with the included travel pouch. Hand wash scrunchies gently to preserve their luxe look and feel. Store in the matching pouch when not in use to prevent snags or pulls during travel.

With Silkie’s 100% mulberry silk scrunchies, you can achieve gorgeous, frizz-free styles without breakage or damage. No more bad hair days or painful ponytails – just flawless, healthy hair with the beauty benefits of silk. Upgrade your hair routine today!


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