She Is Bomb Collection Edge Control 3.5 Oz

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Get salon-perfect edges with the She Is Bomb Collection Edge Control! This lightweight, non-greasy formula gives you sleek, defined edges that last all day. The 3.5 oz jar provides plenty of product to style your baby hairs and edges every day.

Defines Edges to Perfection

Struggling with frizzy, flyaway edges? Our edge control quickly smoothes and defines your edges, giving you a polished finished look. The non-greasy formula provides a light hold that keeps edges in place without flaking or buildup. Just apply a small amount to your edges and style as desired – your edges will look slick and crisp for hours.

Leaves No Residue or Flakes

Unlike waxes and gels that leave behind a sticky, flaky mess, our edge control contains moisturizing ingredients that nourish your edges. The formula is specially designed to keep your edges looking neat and feeling soft – never crunchy or stiff. You’ll have touchably soft edges without any product buildup or residue.

Long-Lasting Hold

Don’t waste time constantly re-doing your edges throughout the day. This edge control gives you long-lasting hold that withstands humidity, sweat and activity. Your sleek edges will stay perfectly in place from the gym to a night out dancing. No more worries about your edges reverting back and looking messy half-way through the day.

Perfect for All Hair Types

Whether you have coarse, curly hair or fine, straight hair, this edge control works beautifully. The non-greasy formula and light hold work for any texture and won’t weigh your hair down. For best results, apply to dry, clean edges and style as desired. Get smooth edges that complement your texture.

Moisturizes and Nourishes

Most edge controls contain harsh ingredients that dry out delicate edges and cause breakage over time. Our formula contains nourishing oils and butters like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and more to condition your edges while you style them. Your edges will look and feel healthy and hydrated.

Lightweight and Non-Greasy

You want control without heaviness. Our lightweight edge control glides onto edges smoothly without a thick, sticky feel. The non-greasy formula gives you defined edges with a soft, touchable finish – never crunchy or stiff. Plus it won’t weigh your edges down or make your style look flat and limp.

Pleasant Scent

This edge control has a light, pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering. You’ll enjoy the subtle floral/citrus scent as you apply it, without having to worry about clashing with your perfume, cologne or other products. The fresh scent provides an invigorating sensory experience as you style your edges.

Easy, Mess-Free Application

Simply scoop a small amount of the edge control onto your toothbrush or edge brush and gently smooth over your edges. The product is easy to distribute and won’t drip or run. The jar packaging makes it simple to apply just what you need without any waste or mess. Get salon-style edges in seconds!

Shea Butter and Olive Oil for Conditioning

This edge control hydrates as it styles with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and olive oil. Shea butter provides essential fatty acids and vitamins to moisturize and protect delicate edges. Olive oil contains antioxidants and healthy fats to condition hair, preventing dryness and damage. Your edges will look and feel soft and healthy.

Coconut Oil for Smoothness

Coconut oil gives this edge control its lightweight, non-greasy texture that allows for smooth, easy styling. It melts at body temperature so the formula glides over edges and allows for shaping. Coconut oil also penetrates the hair shaft to provide lasting softness and moisture, helping keep edges in place all day.

Define Your Style

Edge control is the ultimate styling tool for defining your edges and completing your look. Get creative with parts, baby hairs, swoops, and more. This long-lasting edge control lets you achieve any style you desire. Finish off braids, twist outs, silk presses and other protective styles by smoothing down edges for a polished look.

Tame flyaways and stray hairs around your hairline for a prim and proper finish. Create precise parts and lines when wearing your hair straight or curled. This edge control gives you control and versatility to switch up your style day to day.

Perfect for All-Day Wear

Want your edges to stay flawless from the gym to a night out? This edge control maintains your style even during long days. The humidity-resistant formula keeps frizz and flyaways at bay. Your edges will look just as crisp at hour 10 as they did at hour one. No need for touchups.

Great for Vacations and Trips

Don’t let humidity ruin your edges while traveling. The long-lasting hold of this edge control keeps your edges on point on vacations, beach trips, and during changes in weather or humidity. Toss it in your bag to quickly tame flyaways and maintain your style.

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