Shakira Dance Eau de Parfum Spray for Women – Captivating Floral Woody Scent Inspired by Graceful Movement

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Glide across the dancefloor with grace and rhythm wearing the vivacious new women’s fragrance, Shakira Dance. This delightfully feminine eau de parfum evokes feelings of joyous freedom and self-expression with every spritz.

Top Notes Burst with Zesty Citrus

The opening bursts with effervescent Italian citrus, blending sweet mandarin orange and tart lemon. An unexpected pear note adds lush fruitiness, rounding out the bright accords. As sensuous as the swing of hips, this juicy introduction provides an energetic start.

Floral Heart Notes Whirl with Femininity

The heart blooms with Shakira’s favorite flowers – romantic peony, delicate lily of the valley, and vibrant orange blossom. Their lush petals intertwine in a beautiful botanical bouquet, floral yet soft. Like the swish of a ruffled skirt, this symphony of petals is utterly feminine.

Drydown Accords Pulse with Warm Sensuality

The drydown leaves a trail of creamy femininity with its base of vanilla bean and woodsy musk accords. Hints of blonde woods and earthy vetiver offer depth and sophistication. The final notes caress the skin like a sensual rhythmic pulse.

Inspired by the Queen of Latin Pop

This fragrance is inspired by pop star Shakira, whose infectious music and legendary dance moves have rocked the world. It captures her grace and passion through its vibrancy. Wear it to awaken your inner rockstar.

Radiates Confidence and Charm

Like Shakira’s iconic style, this scent makes a bold, charismatic statement. The fruits, florals, and woods harmonize beautifully to create an unforgettable signature. It’s perfect for charming those around you with your confidence and charisma.

Ideal for Daytime Wear

Uplifting citrus and gentle florals make this scent ideal for daytime wear. It’s bright, yet smooth enough for the office or daytime dates. The luminous eau de parfum trail will turn heads and lift spirits wherever you go.

Long-Lasting Fragrance All Day

This long-lasting eau de parfum keeps you smelling gorgeous from morning to night. The silage leaves a sillage that lingers, so you can keep dancing for hours. Reapply for a pick-me-up midday refresh.

Modern, Feminine Appeal

While inspired by the passionate spirit of Latin music, this scent has a thoroughly modern appeal. The fruited top notes offer a contemporary twist on classic florals. Chic, charming and full of vibrancy, it flatters the modern woman.

Graceful Floral Woody Notes

This finely crafted composition combines vibrant fruits, romantic florals and warm woods. Top notes of citrus and pear mix gorgeously with the floral heart and woody base. The graceful way the notes come together mimics the movement of a flawless dance.

Artfully Designed Flacon

The artful bottle features a sleek, minimalist design with Shakira’s signature in hot pink. The contemporary shape evokes the star’s captivating silhouette. Spray liberally over pulse points for a gorgeous cloud of scent that lasts.

Add to Your Fragrance Wardrobe

This charming, feel-good scent makes a delightful addition to your fragrance wardrobe. Wear it when you want to make a vibrant first impression or light up the room. Uplifting citrus and luminous florals create an unforgettable signature.

Bring rhythm and passion into your everyday style with Shakira Dance. This gorgeous floral woody eau de parfum inspired by the pop icon herself will have you moving to your own beat.


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