SexyHair Big Volumizing Hair Spray for Max Lift & Hold

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Get ready to take your style to new heights with the SexyHair Big Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray! This powerful volumizing formula provides incredible lift, hold, and shine for maximum styling impact. Keep reading to learn why this hairspray is a must-have product for creating show-stopping volume and lift.

Lifts Hair for Gravity-Defying Styles

The SexyHair Big Volumizing Hair Spray delivers up to 10 times the volume and lift of traditional hairsprays. The advanced formula contains polymers that coat each strand to literally lift the hair up and away from the scalp. Your blowouts, curls, waves, and updos will have incredible height and stay sky-high even in humidity.

Incredible Hold That Lasts for Days

This firm hold hairspray provides a super strong grip that locks styles in place for up to 120 hours! Unlike stiff traditional sprays, the flexible hold still allows hair to move so styles look natural instead of shellacked. Your volume bombshell blowout will last from the office to evening cocktails to the next morning’s commute.

72-Hour Humidity Resistance

Humidity is the enemy of big, voluminous hairstyles. But this hairspray stands up to humid weather better than any other! The long-lasting formula keeps moisture out and hold in for up to 72 hours. No frizz, no droop, just gorgeous lift even when the humidity index is off the charts.

High Shine Finish

While it delivers an iron grip, this hairspray imparts a touchable softness and healthy-looking shine. Light reflects off each glossy strand for hair that dazzles. Even in high humidity under bright lights, styles stay luminous and frizz-free.

Flake-Free Flexible Hold

Traditional maximum hold hairsprays can leave behind a chalky white residue or flaky buildup. But the SexyHair volumizing spray contains an anti-flake formula for a clean, brushable finish. You never have to worry about tell-tale white flakes ruining your sleek, camera-ready style.

Lightweight Formula Won’t Weigh Hair Down

Some firm hold sprays and mousses contain waxes and resins that coat hair in a stiff, sticky film that makes it look flat and greasy. This hairspray contains lightweight polymers that lift each strand without weighing it down. Hair still feels bouncy, touchable, and fresh.

Build Incredible Volume for All Hair Types

This volumizing spray works for all hair types and textures including fine, limp hair. Just mist it onto damp hair before blow drying for added fullness and body. The strong yet flexible hold helps sculpt curls and waves without crunching or flaking. Even coarse, thick and wavy hair gets lifted up for massive volume.

Simple and Fast to Use

Spritz this volumizing hairspray onto dry hair whenever you need a boost of hold and lift at the roots. For extra volume, flip hair upside down and spray it all over before flipping back and styling. Mist all over hair to lock any style in place. There’s no need for multiple products when this one spray does it all!

Clean, Vegan Formula with UV Filters

This hair spray contains a clean formula free of parabens, phosphates, phthalates, PEG, DEA/MEA, gluten, triclosan, formaldehyde donors, and animal-derived ingredients. The vegan and cruelty-free spray also contains UV absorbers to help protect hair from sun damage.

Get Height and Hold That Lasts

Take your style next level with the long-lasting volume, hold, and shine of SexyHair Big Spray & Play Harder Volumizing Hairspray. Its powerful yet touchable formula lifts, sculpts, and holds for show-stopping styles. Pick up this must-have product to create height and fullness beyond your wildest hair dreams!


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