SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray, 9 Oz

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Get ready to take your hair game to the next level with the new SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray! This intense hold hairspray provides insane lasting power, allowing you to create virtually any hairstyle imaginable that will stay locked in place for up to 120 hours.

We took our top-selling Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder formula and supercharged it to create our strongest hold hairspray ever. This stuff isn’t messing around! The extreme hold formula delivers an unrelenting vice-grip on your hair, refusing to succumb to humidity, wind, or whatever else life throws your way.

Extreme Hold That Lasts for Days

While most heavy hold hairsprays leave hair crispy or flaky, the SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray keeps a flexible, touchable hold throughout its impressive 120 hours of control. Even after 5 days, your hair will look and feel as perfect as the moment you sprayed it into place.

This long-lasting formula uses strong polymers that act like elastic bands around each hair strand, locking them firmly together. However, the polymers aren’t overly rigid or sticky, allowing your hair to retain a natural, movable feel.

The extreme hold power truly shines when you need an intricate updo or gravity-defying style to stay put – think prom hair, wedding hairstyles, photo shoots, and performances. Or, use it daily to get that voluminous bombshell hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Blocks Out Humidity for Up to 72 Hours

Humid weather is no match for the SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray! It provides an intense barrier of protection against moisture and humidity for up to 3 days, blocking out frizz and preventing styles from falling flat.

Even in hot, tropical climates or during monsoon season, this humidity-resistant hairspray will keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. The polymers form a waterproof sheath around each strand, locking out atmospheric moisture before it can penetrate and expand the hair cuticle.

You can be confident your hair will look flawless going from the steamy outdoors to an air-conditioned indoor venue and back again. No need to stress about humidity ruining your look!

Boosts Volume and Lift

While keeping every hair in its rightful place, the SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray also amplifies your hair’s natural volume and lift at the roots. Get that sexy bombshell height at the crown or voluminous curls and waves without the flatness and fallout.

The expertly crafted formula contains perfecting polymers that act to literally expand the diameter of each hair strand with a plumping effect. As the polymers set, your hair takes on a thicker, fuller appearance with extra oomph at the roots for gravity-defying lift.

So don’t be fooled by the strong hold – this hairspray also delivers incredible volume, body and bounce!

High Shine Finish

Dry, crunchy hair is not a good look for anyone. That’s why the SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray provides a gorgeously shiny, glossy finish while keeping your locks locked into place.

Light reflective emollients in the formula smooth over the hair cuticle to illuminate your hair with brilliant shine. Your hair will dazzle with glossy radiance while still retaining flexible movement.

The shine enhancing effects allow you to create any style from sleek and straight to touchably soft curls and waves. You’ll turn heads with hair that looks amazingly healthy and full of life.

All Hair Types

No matter your hair type – straight, wavy, curly, thick, fine, color treated and more – the SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray provides intense hold and volume without flaking, buildup or stiffness.

The flexible polymers ensure a customizable hold, allowing you to rework your hair as needed without it getting crunchy or sticky throughout the days. It won’t leave any flaky white residue on the scalp or hair strands.

Plus, the formula is non-drying, helping to maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance. Frequent use won’t dry out your hair or cause brittle breakage over time.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly

You can feel good about using this product, as SexyHair is a certified cruelty-free and vegan brand. None of their products are tested on animals.

This extreme hold hairspray is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and gluten for clean, salon-quality hair care. It’s safe for color and keratin treated hair.

How to Use

Shake well before spraying. Hold can 6-8 inches from dry hair and spray all over to lock in your desired style. For extra volume at roots, spray underneath sections and brush through.

Reapply as needed for touch-ups. Use light even layers and avoid over-saturation. For best results, prep hair with a volumizing mousse and heat style.

Grab a can of the new SexyHair Big Extreme Hold Hairspray and take your styling skills to the highest level! This long-lasting, humidity-resistant spray provides the strongest hold possible so you can wear any style with confidence for days.


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