Sensationnel Braids XPRESSION Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair – 58″

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Achieve Beautiful, Natural-Looking Box Braids in Half the Time

Kick your braiding game up a notch with the Sensationnel Braids XPRESSION 3X Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair. This pre-stretched synthetic hair saves you hours of tedious prep time by eliminating the need to manually stretch each braid before installing. The proprietary pre-layering process gives these braids a flawless, finished look right out of the pack – no extra steps required!

Lightweight Kanekalon Fibers for All-Day Comfort

Sensationnel XPRESSION braiding hair is crafted from premium Kanekalon fibers, designed to be ultralightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. The fibers have a natural-looking texture and sheen that mimics relaxed African American hair. Unlike stiff, heavy braids that pull on your edges and cause headaches, these lightweight braids move and bounce just like your own hair.

Flame-Retardant and Durable for Repeated Styling

Don’t worry about applying heat or getting caught in the rain – Sensationnel XPRESSION braids are made of flame-retardant Kanekalon fibers that allow for repeated styling. No need to take your braids down after just a few weeks due to frizz and tangling. These braids retain their sleek, flawless look and bounce-back texture style after style.

Perfect Jet Black Color That Won’t Fade

Available in 1B off black, this braiding hair has a rich, natural-looking color that blends seamlessly with dark relaxed and natural textures. The color won’t bleed or fade with washing, allowing your braided style to look freshly done for weeks.

Save Hours of Prep Time

Forget spending hours pre-stretching and layering each braid before installing – Sensationnel XPRESSION does the work for you! The proprietary pre-stretching process elongates each fiber, saving you hours of tedious prep work. Pre-layering gives the braids a flawless, finished look right out of the pack, so you can start braiding immediately.

Achieve Full, Voluminous Braided Styles

With a 58 inch length, these extra-long braids allow you to create beautiful waist-length box braids, faux locs, twists, and more! The pre-stretching gives the braids thickness and volume from root to tip. Forget skimpy, flat braids – achieve full, bouncy braided styles that make a statement.

Trusted Quality from Sensationnel

Sensationnel is the go-to brand for premium synthetic braiding hair. Used top stylists worldwide, Sensationnel delivers consistent quality and durability style after style. With proper care, these pre-stretched box braids can last 8-10 weeks or more. Enjoy beautiful braids without the outrageous price tag!

How to Care for Your Pre-Stretched Braids

Wash every 2 weeks with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup. Rinse braids thoroughly and air dry fully.
Moisturize braids daily with a leave-in conditioner or braid spray to prevent dryness. Focus on ends and new growth.
Secure ends with rubber bands or clips when washing to prevent unraveling. Remove shed strands gently to avoid pulling out hair.
Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase nightly. Cotton can cause friction leading to frizz.
Avoid applying heavy oils or butters that cause buildup. Stick to lightweight moisturizers.
Deep condition braids biweekly and avoid harsh manipulation like tight ponytails.

Transform Your Look with Sensationnel

Take your braiding skills up a level and cut your install time in half with the easy-to-use Sensationnel Braids XPRESSION 3X Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair. With a flawless pre-stretched texture and vivid long-lasting color, you can achieve gorgeous waist-length box braids, faux locs, and more in record time. Ditch the frustration of prepping each braid and enjoy an easy, foolproof install. Get the look of just-done braids without the outrageous price tag – order your Sensationnel braiding hair today!


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