Sean John Unforgivable Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, Alluring Scent with Notes of Lemon, Clary Sage, Lavender, Orris Root and Amberwood (6 oz)

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Embrace your confident, romantic side with the Sean John Unforgivable Eau de Toilette. This alluring men’s fragrance combines fresh, energetic top notes of lemon, clary sage and lavender with earthy base notes of orris root and amberwood. The result is a vibrant, irresistible scent that captures attention wherever you go.

Housed in a sleek, modern bottle, Sean John Unforgivable is perfect for the sophisticated, fashion-forward man. Spray it on before a date, social event or important business meeting to make a bold first impression. The crisp, masculine blend of citrus, herbs and woods projects an air of sensuality and style.

With a large 6 oz size, this body spray provides long-lasting eau de toilette fragrance that can be reapplied as needed throughout your active day. The refreshing mist absorbs quickly without leaving residue or stickiness on your skin. Just a couple sprays deliver hours of clean, intoxicating aroma.

Sean John Unforgivable Notes:

Top notes – lemon, clary sage, lavender

Middle notes – orris root, armoise

Base notes – amberwood, tonka bean

Alluring Scent for Romantic Occasions

When creator Sean “Diddy” Combs set out to develop his first fragrance, he wanted one with “sexual energy” that would make women take notice. The sensuous blend of citrus, herbs and woods in Unforgivable does just that. Spicy and fresh, this men’s eau de toilette conveys charisma and confidence.
Unforgivable is a go-to evening fragrance for romantic dates when you want to leave a lasting impression. The notes of lemon, sage and lavender are energizing, while amberwood and tonka bean provide an earthy sensuality. This alluring contrast makes it the perfect signature scent for work, social events and anytime you want to turn heads.

Long-Lasting Fragrance for All-Day Freshness

The generous 6 oz bottle allows you to spray liberally without worrying about running out. Apply Unforgivable after showering and the vibrant citrus top notes will revive you and set the tone for your day.
The fragrance lasts up to 6 hours, so you’ll still be surrounded by pleasant aroma all day long. Reapply as needed when your activity level increases or you desire a fragrance boost. The refreshing mist absorbs quickly without leaving skin feeling sticky.

Modern Masculine Scent

Unforgivable has a unique blend not found in typical men’s fragrances. There’s no aggressively musky wood or heavy spice dominating the composition. Instead, the citrus, herbs and woods mingle beautifully to create an irresistible scent.
The fragrance manages to be fresh and sensual at the same time. It’s perfect for modern men who want a masculine aroma that turns heads without overpowering. Just a light mist of this body spray conveys the sophistication and style of someone who pays attention to the details.

Let Unforgivable become your signature scent and get noticed wherever you go. The clean, intoxicating aroma embodied in this sleek bottle perfectly captures your charisma and confidence.

Sean John’s First Foray into Fragrance

Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy, introduced Unforgivable in 2006 as his first fragrance creation. The hip hop mogul wanted a scent that was sexy, fresh and masculine. Unforgivable became an instant hit among men wanting to exude confidence and sophistication.
Its popularity led to several flankers like Unforgivable Black, Unforgivable Multi Platinum and Unforgivable Woman. But the original Unforgivable remains the bestselling and most acclaimed scent in the collection. The groundbreaking citrus-woods fragrance helped pave the way for Combs’ successful Sean John fragrance house.

Versatile Scent for Day or Night

Unforgivable transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear. The bright citrus top notes create an invigorating daytime fragrance that carries through workplace hours. The base notes add sultry warmth perfect for date nights or social events.
This versatility makes Unforgivable an ideal signature scent. The complexity of its blend results in a fragrance that smells fresh during active daytime hours and richer in the evening. You’ll turn heads no matter when you wear it.

Be Confident with Sean John

Give yourself a refreshing boost of confidence before any occasion with a spritz of Unforgivable. The spray formula delivers a sensuous aroma that surrounds you in pure charisma. Use it to make a bold first impression for dates, interviews, presentations or a night out with friends.
Capture the compelling allure of the Sean John man with this must-have fragrance. Unforgivable’s balance of stimulating citrus and warm woods embodies sophistication for the modern gentleman. Let your stylish, romantic side shine through.


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