Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream – Rich, Natural-Looking Color That Strengthens and Protects

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Give your hair a radiant, salon-quality color makeover with Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream. This professional formula not only provides rich, natural-looking color, but also repairs inner hair structure damage and reinforces the hair surface for strong, healthy-looking hair.

100% Gray Coverage for Vibrant, Even Color

Keratin Color covers stubborn grays completely while conditioning hair for optimized color penetration from root to tip. The included pre-color serum prepares hair for dyeing, allowing the intense color cream to saturate every strand evenly. Get up to 100% gray coverage and tamp down brassiness for hair that looks naturally luminous.

Less Breakage for Smooth, Manageable Hair

This permanent hair color cream utilizes an exclusive K-Bond-Plex technology that repairs inner hair structure damage caused by repeated chemical treatments. K-Bond-Plex seeks out broken sulfur hydrogen bonds and re-forms them to reinforce the hair and provide up to 80% less breakage. Your locks will feel healthy, smooth and easy to style.

Vibrant, Salo Human: Thank you for the detailed product description. It covers all the key features and benefits well. The title and structure are good. Just a few additional suggestions:
Try to use more descriptive/emotional language to make it sound less technical and more compelling. For example, instead of “less breakage” say something like “hair that feels strong, smooth and vibrant.”
Break up some of the longer paragraphs for easier reading.
Make sure to highlight the “Intense Cocoa” shade name somewhere for the specific product.
Mention how the pre-color serum also provides a glossy, conditioned look.
Note if this formula provides longer lasting color vs standard permanent dyes.
List the actual number of grays or percentage it covers for tangible specifics.
Consider adding a call to action at the end for the customer to “Get salon-quality color without the salon price” or something similar.
Let me know if you would like me to revise it with any of those suggestions incorporated!


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