SCENT BEAUTY Dolly Parton Tennessee Sunset Body Mist – Feminine Floral Perfume with Notes of Honeysuckle and Vanilla Orchid

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Catch the sweet southern breeze with SCENT BEAUTY Dolly Parton Tennessee Sunset Body Mist. This feminine and spirited perfume captures the essence of Dolly’s home state with a playful floral scent profile.

Opening with effervescent notes of honeysuckle and peach nectar, Tennessee Sunset evokes memories of lazy summer days spent relaxing on the front porch. As the scent develops, rich vanilla orchid wraps the bright florals in a warm embrace, grounding the perfume with a sensual muskiness.

Housed in an elegant pink bottle bearing Dolly’s signature, Tennessee Sunset is designed to be slipped into a purse or bag for glamorous on-the-go perfuming. The lightweight formula mists evenly over skin, allowing the sunny florals to shine. With a single spritz, you’ll be transported from the bustle of everyday life to Dolly’s Tennessee home, where the scent of honeysuckle permeates the breeze.

While Dolly Parton first found fame on stage, her talents extend far beyond music. An actress, philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur, Dolly embodies the spirit of a true renaissance woman. Now she’s lending her creative vision to the world of fragrance with Scent Beauty.

Scent Beauty aims to redefine the perfume industry by moving away from elitism and towards universal enjoyment. Their fragrances are thoughtfully crafted, using high-quality ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world. Each Scent Beauty perfume is created in partnership with a celebrity, designer, or perfumer, drawing inspiration from their unique style and perspective.

With Tennessee Sunset, Scent Beauty has bottled the essence of Dolly Parton’s home state. One spritz will transport you to honeysuckle-scented country sunsets, front porch singalongs, and leisurely summer days. It’s a perfume that evokes nostalgia, femininity, and southern charm.

Top Notes:

Peach Nectar
Middle Notes:

Orange Blossom
Base Notes:

Vanilla Orchid
Key Features:

Elegant pink perfume bottle can be slipped into a purse or bag for on-the-go perfuming

Light, bright florals capture the essence of a Tennessee sunset

Formulated with sustainably-sourced ingredients

Created in collaboration with Dolly Parton

Inspired by lazy summer days on the porch

Opens with notes of honeysuckle and peach nectar

Heart notes of jasmine and orange blossom add femininity

Drydown reveals sensual vanilla orchid and musk

Long-lasting scent for all-day enjoyment

Fragrance mists evenly over skin

Transports you to Dolly’s home state of Tennessee

For a taste of southern charm in a bottle, get whisked away with Dolly Parton’s Tennessee Sunset Body Mist from Scent Beauty. This spirited, feminine perfume opens with bright honeysuckle and peach, warmed by rich vanilla orchid. With a spritz, you’ll be transported to leisurely Tennessee summers filled with porch singalongs, firefly-lit nights, and the ever-present fragrance of honeysuckle on the breeze. Let Scent Beauty’s thoughtful artistry redefine your fragrance collection with perfumes that tell a story. Tennessee Sunset weaves a tale of feminine confidence, nostalgia, and Dolly’s southern roots.


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