Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil Eau de Toilette Spray for Men – A Sophisticated Blend of Spicy Freshness and Aquatic Notes

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Embrace sophisticated style with the Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil Eau de Toilette for men. This alluring scent opens with a burst of spicy freshness from notes of cardamom, ginger and mandarin orange. The top notes give way to an aquatic heart of lotus, lending a cooling wateriness to the fragrance. An undertone of laurel adds an herbal greenness, completing this complex yet subtle composition.

Ferragamo Subtil is a versatile fragrance that transitions effortlessly from day to night. The spicy citrus top notes invigorate the senses and provide an energizing start to the day. As the scent evolves, the lotus and laurel notes create a relaxed vibe perfect for casual daytime wear. The fragrance takes on a greater sophistication in the evening, with sillage that is soft yet alluring. It’s the perfect signature scent for the modern, refined man.

This eau de toilette features a woody-aquatic aroma profile. It combines freshness with depth in a way that is clean yet sensual. The spicy ginger stands out against the fruity mandarin, contrasted by the cooling lotus heart. Earthy spice, green laurel and a hint of woods come together to form a contemporary blend. Sophisticated while still approachable, Subtil has wide appeal across ages.

Top Notes

The top notes create an invigorating first impression with spicy and citrusy aromas. Ginger adds a peppery bite, while cardamom contributes a sweet, resinous scent. The mandarin orange provides a bright, uplifting citrus aroma. Together these notes form an energizing accord that spices up your morning routine.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance develops, an aquatic heart note of lotus emerges. The lotus adds a refreshing watery aspect to the scent profile. This cool, dewy note balances beautifully against the initial burst of spices. Lotus is an intriguing heart note that gives Subtil an air of sophistication.

Base Notes

Laurel leaf, woods and subtle musk form the base. The dry, herbaceous nature of laurel keeps the fragrance from becoming overly watery. Hints of cedar and sandalwood give a touch of warmth and masculinity. This rugged woody base grounds the scent with an earthy feel.

Fragrance Highlights

Opens with spicy ginger, cardamom and mandarin orange
Heart note of aquatic lotus provides a cooling effect
Dry laurel leaf offers an herbal greenness
Woody cedar and sandalwood in the base give a masculine feel
Contemporary, sophisticated scent with wide appeal
Transitions effortlessly from daytime to evening wear
Elegant glass bottle reflects luxury Italian craftsmanship

How to Wear It

Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil is designed for versatile wear. The spicy citrus top notes make it ideal for daytime wear, providing a burst of freshness when applied in the morning. The lotus heart note gives it a relaxing vibe for casual daytime activities or weekend wear. The woody base notes come through more strongly in the evening, making Subtil perfect for date nights. It also works well in any season, cooling down summer days and warming up winter nights.

This eau de toilette can be worn to the office, as it projects just enough to make an impression without being overpowering in close quarters. It’s professional enough for the boardroom yet alluring when socializing after hours. The floral aquatic notes are an intriguing choice rather than mainstream woody or spicy scents. Subtil is perfect for modern men who value sophistication. It’s ideal for those who gravitate towards unique scents that reflect their refined style.

About the House of Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury goods brand known for shoes, leather goods and fragrances. Originally founded in 1927 as a footwear company in Florence, Italy, the house of Ferragamo has grown into a global fashion brand while retaining family ownership. Salvatore Ferragamo himself was an innovator in shoe design, holding over 300 patents for groundbreaking styles like the cork wedge.

Today the company has expanded into belts, silk ties, watches and eyewear while upholding impeccable Italian craftsmanship. Ferragamo fragrances, produced in partnership with Italian perfume house Fiamma Ferragamo, embody timeless sophistication. Scents like Subtil blend classic perfumery ingredients with modern accords to create alluring yet wearable luxury eau de toilettes.

Additional Details

3.4 fl oz eau de toilette spray
Top notes of ginger, cardamom and mandarin orange
Heart note of lotus
Base notes of laurel, cedar and sandalwood
Fresh spicy-woody aroma perfect for day or night
Sophisticated signature scent for modern men
Refined glass bottle reflects Italian luxury craftsmanship
Packaging may vary from images shown
Not available for shipment to Catalina Island
Bring a touch of Italian refinement to your daily style with Salvatore Ferragamo’s Subtil Eau de Toilette for men. This sophisticated fragrance opens with brisk citrus and spices, cooled by an aquatic lotus heart. Hints of woods and musk give it sensuality. Subtil is a contemporary scent that seamlessly transitions from professional days to evening sophistication.


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