Sabaya Oriental White Floral Perfume Oil – Exotic Arabian Fragrances for Women & Men

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Escape to an enchanting oasis of luxurious white floral scents with Sabaya Perfume Oil by AlRehab. This exotic Arabian eau de parfum captures the essence of delicate garden blooms and tropical citrus fruits, encapsulated in a portable 6ml glass bottle perfect for on-the-go touchups.

With top notes of zesty bergamot, mandarin, and lemon, Sabaya evokes warm sunny days spent lounging amid citrus groves. As the scent develops, a bouquet of feminine white flowers emerges – tender orange blossom, romantic rose, creamy gardenia, and hypnotic jasmine. Their lush petals intermingle with fresh green notes of crushed stems and leaves, conjuring up images of a perfumer’s garden in full bloom.

Finally, the fragrance settles into a base of sensual musk, precious woods, and creamy sandalwood. Like walking through an open-air Arabian market filled with exotic spices and perfumes, Sabaya leaves a lingering aura of femininity and delicate floral elegance.

An Oriental White Floral Bouquet in a Petite Purse-Sized Bottle

Sabaya comes in a conveniently sized 6ml glass bottle, perfect for carrying discreetly in a small purse or clutch. The built-in rollerball applicator makes it easy to dab on wrists, pulse points, and décolletage for a refreshing floral pick-me-up anytime.

Free from alcohol, Sabaya’s aroma comes purely from essential oils for smooth, non-irritating wear. Apply generously for a vibrant floral burst, or lightly for a delicate veil of garden blossoms and citrus. For men, a subtle touch behind the ears and on the inner wrists creates an intriguing, softly masculine scent.

Key Notes:

Top notes: Bergamot, mandarin, lemon, neroli

Middle notes: Orange blossom, rose, jasmine, gardenia, green notes

Base notes: Musk, precious woods, sandalwood

Fragrance Family:

Oriental, white floral

Scent Profile:

Opening: Effervescent citrus fruits mingle with neroli and green leaves

Middle: A bouquet of white flowers – rose, gardenia, orange blossoms, jasmine

Base: Warm musk, sandalwood, and precious woods

Perfect For:

Women and men
Daytime and nighttime wear
Work, dates, evenings out, special occasions
Travel – fits easily in purse or clutch
Floral scent enthusiasts
Collectors of AlRehab fragrances

Experience Exotic Arabian Perfume Oils

Escape to an Arabian garden oasis with AlRehab’s Sabaya. The top Middle Eastern perfume house creates exotic fragrances inspired by rich regional notes like musk, oud, spices, and flowers. Experience traditional Arabian perfumery with these alcohol-free scent oils.

Collect all your favorites from AlRehab’s extensive perfume oil selection. Popular fragrances include floral bouquet Moroccan Rose, creamy White Musk, chocolate gourmand Choco Musk, juicy Fruit Passion, and many more.

With portable sizes perfect for travel, these exotic Arabian perfumes let you enjoy luxurious fragrances anywhere life takes you. Dab on wrists, behind ears, and pulse points for transportive scent that lasts.

Savor the enchanting aroma of delicate white florals and zesty citrus fruits with Sabaya Perfume Oil. This exotic Arabian fragrance captures the essence of an Arabian garden in full bloom, now in a purse-friendly bottle.


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