Rue21 Blush Eau De Parfum – Sweetly Flirtatious Women’s Perfume

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Transport yourself to a world of playful femininity with Rue21’s Blush Eau De Parfum. This deliciously sweet and fruity perfume evokes the irresistible charm of young love. One spritz envelops you in a pretty pink cloud of passion fruit, red berries, and caramelized apples for a scent that’s as addictive as a first crush.

Blush perfume represents the softer side of being a girl. It conjures up images of passing love notes in the school hallway, getting all dolled up for a big date, and giggling with your besties at a sleepover. The floral gourmand fragrance combines bright, juicy fruits with a subtle musk base to create a layered scent that transitions gracefully throughout the day.

Spray it on pulse points like your wrists, neck, and décolletage and let the fragrance work its magic. The fruity top notes make a vibrant first impression with effervescent notes of passion fruit and red berries. As it dries down, the scent profile deepens as rich caramelized apple mingles with creamy musk and blonde woods. The drydown is an irresistible blend of innocence and allure.

Blush perfume is the embodiment of young romance. It conjures up memories of your first crush, the exhilaration of stolen glances, and the butterflies that just won’t go away. The pretty pink juice and packaging are an ode to everything we love about being an infatuated teenage girl.

Top Notes

The perfume opens with effervescent top notes of:

Passion Fruit: This tropical fruit adds vibrancy with its sweet-tart juice and slightly exotic aroma. Passion fruit mixes playfully with the red berries to create a fruit cocktail effect.

Red Berries: A bouquet of red berries like raspberries, cherries, and strawberries give the fragrance a jammy sweetness. They provide a candied fruit effect along with brightness.

Mid Notes

The fruity accord is balanced out in the perfume’s mid section with:

Caramelized Apple: Warm, buttery apples provide a gourmand nuance, like baked apple pie filling. It adds a touch of innocent seduction to the scent profile.

Base Notes

Light musk and soft woods create the perfume’s base:

Musk: Creamy musks lend a delicate veil that is soft, powdery, and slightly sweet. It amplifies the fruits while keeping them grounded.

Blonde Woods: Pretty woods like maple and beech wood add an undercurrent of warmth to the base. They smooth out the brighter fruits.

Fragrance Profile

Top Notes: Passion Fruit, Red Berries
Mid Notes: Caramelized Apple
Base Notes: Musk, Blonde Woods

How to Apply

Apply Blush perfume to your pulse points for staying power. Good spots are:

Wrists: Spritz once or twice on each wrist, then rub wrists together to evenly distribute scent.

Neck: Mist on both sides of neck and behind ears. The warmth of your skin will help project the fragrance.

Décolletage: Spray between cleavage to draw attention to your feminine assets.

Hair: Lightly mist ends of hair to leave a delicate fruity trail.

Reapply as needed to refresh your pretty perfume aura!

When to Wear

Rue21 Blush Eau De Parfum is ideal for:

Casual Daytime: The fruity notes are uplifting for everyday wear. It’s great for school, running errands, and hanging with friends.

Romantic Evenings: Its sweetness makes it perfect for date nights or anytime you want to feel feminine and flirty.

Warm Weather: Blush is a refreshing pick-me-up on hot, humid days. The fruits evoke a tropical vacation vibe.

Girls’ Night Out: Spritz with your besties pre-party to amp up the fun, flirty energy.

Snuggling In: Curl up with your sweetheart as the warmth of the base notes fill the air with cozy ambiance.

Who It’s For

Blush Eau De Parfum is made for:

Teen Girls: Capture the butterflies in your stomach rush of young crushes and first loves. It’s sweetly nostalgic.

Girly Girls: With its pink juice and bow bottle, it’s perfect for your inner princess. Unleash your playful side.

Floral Fans: The passion fruit adds a tropical spin on classic florals for fans of feminine scents.

Gourmand Lovers: If you love yummy dessert scents, the caramel apple heart makes this a must-try.

Fruity Fragrance Devotees: With juicy passion fruit and berries, Blush satisfies fruit fragrance cravings.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love Blush perfume as much as we do! If for any reason you aren’t completely enamored with this flirty fruity fragrance, return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

Bring playfulness, charm, and just a hint of sassiness to your fragrance collection with Rue21’s Blush Eau De Parfum!


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