Rue 21 CJ Black Men’s Citrus and Musk Cologne

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Transport your senses with the bold, irresistible scent of Rue 21’s CJ Black Cologne for Men. This captivating aroma combines zesty top notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and bergamot with an alluring base of sensual musk. Just one spritz envelops you in a woody, citrusy bouquet that epitomizes rugged sophistication.

The clean yet complex formula opens with a burst of tart citrus fruits, including juicy mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot. As it evolves, the brisk citrus notes mingle with spicy undertones before settling into a finish of warm, musky timber. This seductive progression from invigorating citrus to mesmerizing musk makes it the perfect signature scent for day or night.

Housed in a sleek, black bottle, this cologne makes a dashing addition to your grooming routine. A hint of its refined yet adventurous aroma generates compliments and boosts your confidence. Cruelty-free and crafted with care, CJ Black embodies today’s discerning, compassionate man. Allow its rich, multifaceted scent to become your daily edge and announce your presence wherever you go.


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