Royal Copenhagen By Royal Copenhagen For Men – Refreshing Chypre Cologne Splash for the Modern Gentleman

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Escape to the vibrance of Copenhagen and unlock your most confident, alluring self with the Royal Copenhagen Cologne Splash for Men by Royal Copenhagen. This invigorating 8.0 oz eau de cologne splash exudes a captivating chypre scent that empowers you to make a bold first impression.

Top Notes of Citrus Bring an Energizing Start

The top notes provide an exhilarating introduction with bursts of aldehydes, lime, and bergamot. This bright citrus combination adds an electrifying edge to get your day going. The aldehydes lend an effervescent sparkle while the lime and bergamot infuse an uplifting zest.

Heart Notes of Herbal Lavender and Green Accords

The heart notes allow a smooth transition to the fragrance’s core with aromatic touches of lavender and green accords. The refreshing herbal quality of the lavender mingles elegantly with verdant green notes to create a soothing reprieve like a stroll through a lush garden.

Base Notes of Spices Anchor with Lasting Warmth

Grounding spicy base notes give the cologne gravitas and sensual depth. Subtle hints of cardamom add a dash of intrigue to the scent. The cardamom’s faintly peppery aroma leaves a memorable impression.

Versatile Scent for Work and Play

This complex chypre fragrance effortlessly navigates from the board room to happy hour with ease. The cologne’s pristine citrus opening creates an invigorating daytime scent suitable for the office or classroom. As the cologne evolves, the green and spicy notes lend themselves beautifully to transitioning into evening social engagements. The Royal Copenhagen cologne’s adaptable nature makes it a mainstay scent for well-rounded men with active lifestyles.

A Scent Steeped in Tradition

Since launching its perfume line in the 1960’s, Royal Copenhagen has drawn inspiration for their sophisticated fragrance creations from the rich culture and beauty of Denmark’s vibrant capital city. They have masterfully bottled the essence of Copenhagen through unique scent compositions that evoke the liveliness and intimacy of the city.

The Royal Copenhagen cologne continues this tradition by encapsulating the contrasting vibes of Copenhagen into one bottle. The scent’s structure embodies Copenhagen’s intersection of old world charm and progressive modernity. The cologne’s new, effervescent citrus notes represent the city’s forward-thinking outlook while the earthy base notes reflect Copenhagen’s old soul.

Striking Packaging

The Royal Copenhagen Cologne comes in eye-catching cobalt blue glass packaging reminiscent of the distinctive architecture and design of Copenhagen. The bold cobalt bottle adds sophisticated elegance to your vanity. The metallic silver Royal Copenhagen logo stylishly offsets the rich blue hue.

How to Apply

Splash the Royal Copenhagen cologne onto your fingers and dab onto pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest. Avoid rubbing to prevent crushing the notes. The invigorating eau de cologne can be reapplied as needed throughout the day to refresh the scent. For best results, apply to clean skin after showering to allow the notes to properly develop. The cologne’s concentrated formula enables it to last hours.

A Cologne that Makes a Statement

The Royal Copenhagen Cologne Splash makes an impeccable impression for modern gentlemen who appreciate sophistication with a contemporary edge. The chypre scent exudes confidence and poise with a vibrant energy that commands attention. Open the possibilities of each day with this captivating aroma.


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