Rive Gauche By Yves Saint Laurent For Women Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Oz

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Introduced in 1971, Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent is a timeless floral fragrance for the free-spirited, independent woman. Its name, meaning “Left Bank” in French, represents the intellectual and slightly bohemian side of Paris where the Saint Laurent boutique is located. This chic, Parisian perfume perfectly embodies the confident, stylish, and youthful essence of the iconic fashion house.

Top Notes of Sparkling Aldehydes and Fresh Florals

The top notes of Rive Gauche burst open with effervescent aldehydes, giving an instantly uplifting and radiant first impression. As the aldehydes subside, they reveal a bouquet of delicate florals including gentle rose, romantic lily of the valley, and refreshing honeysuckle. These pretty blooms capture the optimism and grace of a stroll along the Left Bank on a sunny day.

Heart Notes of Sensual Jasmine and Ylang Ylang

As Rive Gauche settles on the skin, it takes on a warmer, more sensual dimension. The luminous florals are enhanced by richer notes of voluptuous ylang ylang from the Far East and intoxicating jasmine from Egypt. These sultry white flowers add a hypnotic femininity, much like the alluring aura of Parisian women themselves.

Base Notes of Musk and Sandalwood

Finally, the base notes create an irresistibly sexy quality. Exotic Tahitian sandalwood and musk amplify the skin-hugging warmth. The smooth woods and musk linger on the skin for hours, creating an unforgettable and alluring trail. Rive Gauche maintains its sparkle while becoming utterly seductive.

An Empowering Scent for Free Spirits

Rive Gauche defies categorization – it is at once fresh, floral, spicy, and woody. This kaleidoscope of notes makes it an incredibly versatile signature scent. It transitions seamlessly from day to night and from season to season. Spritz it on for a date night or a girls’ night out for an instant boost of confidence and sensuality.

While classified as a floral, Rive Gauche has a spicy edge that sets it apart from delicate feminine florals. The brisk aldehydes, grounded woods and musk give it an empowering edge. The woman who wears Rive Gauche is one who forges her own path – creative, intelligent, and unafraid to be herself.

An Enduring Icon of the Saint Laurent Legacy

Along with other revolutionary fragrances like Opium, Rive Gauche encapsulates the subversive, trend-setting vision of Yves Saint Laurent. While it was released in 1971, it continues to feel modern and relevant decades later. Fans of all ages appreciate its timeless elegance and allure.

Rive Gauche is tied intrinsically to the heritage of the house, which pioneered modern women’s fashion. It remains one of YSL’s most iconic and best-selling fragrances of all time. For the woman who values style, strength, and independent spirit, Rive Gauche is the perfect signature scent.

How to Apply Rive Gauche

Rive Gauche is a versatile scent that can be worn year-round. Apply it generously in the heat of summer to enjoy its refreshing radiance. In cooler months, apply sparingly and let the woods and musk make it sultry against bare skin. Here are some tips for applying:

  • Hold the bottle 6-8 inches from skin and spritz once or twice on pulse points like the wrists, behind the ears, and décolletage.
  • Do not rub wrists together as this can crush the notes – let the fragrance diffuse naturally.
  • Apply to clean, dry skin for best results and longevity.
  • Layer with the perfumed body lotion for added richness and fragrance endurance.
  • Reapply as needed throughout the day to revive the scent aura.

A Sophisticated Addition to Your Fragrance Collection

Rive Gauche is a must-have for any perfume lover. Both vintage and modern formulations remain easily available online and in stores. Vintage formulations feature an extra sparkle and depth to the floral heart notes. But today’s version still carries the spirit of the original while meeting modern regulations.

This iconic fragrance makes a sophisticated addition to a perfume wardrobe. Keep it on hand for whenever you need a spritz of Parisian chic. Let Rive Gauche become your signature scent and surround yourself daily with its confidence, femininity, and timeless elegance.


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