Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum – A Floral Fruity Scent That Captures the Spirit of Love

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Escape into a world of romance and passion with the new Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum. This floral fruity fragrance perfectly captures Rihanna’s dynamic spirit and the feeling of falling madly in love.

Top Notes of Juicy Peach and Berries for a Fruity Opening

The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy peach and sweet red berries, bringing vibrancy and femininity. The addition of bright mandarin orange livens up the fruity accord, adding a touch of citrus radiance. This fruity top note combo is playful, lively, and reminds you of the excitement of new love.

A Floral Heart of Exotic Blossoms and Coconut Cream

As the fragrance develops, it takes on a more sensual floral direction. Exotic orchid and jasmine sambac add romantic elegance, while notes of honeysuckle and coconut cream add a touch of creaminess. The floral heart is at once mysteriously seductive yet comforting. The orchid in particular lends an elegant, almost narcotic quality.

A Warm, Sensual Base of Caramel, Vanilla and Woody Notes

Finally, the fragrance settles into a deliciously warm base of gourmand notes like caramel and vanilla. This creates a creamy, almost edible effect that is both comforting yet undeniably sexy. Subtle hints of amber and woody notes ground the fragrance and accentuate the sensuality. The caramel is especially mouthwatering and addictive.

Sophisticated Glass Bottle Design

Rogue Love comes in a sleek, elegant glass bottle with a sculptural cap. The matte pink colorway perfectly captures the blend of femininity, playfulness and sex appeal. The packaging will stand out beautifully on your vanity.

When to Wear This Versatile Scent

Rogue Love is a nicely versatile fragrance that transitions seamlessly from day to night. The fruity top notes make it perfect for daytime wear, while the warmer, sexier base notes give it sensuality for night. Spray it on for a date night or whenever you want to feel confident and alluring. The scent’s sweet gourmand nuances also make it perfect for cooler months and seasonal transitions.

Complement Your Unique Chemistry

When worn on the skin, Rogue Love takes on a life of its own, interacting uniquely with each woman’s body chemistry. On some, the fruity notes may be more pronounced, while on others, the woody base might come forward. This makes the fragrance a personal and intimate experience. Spray on the pulse points and let the scent blossom throughout the day.

Rihanna’s Alluring Fragrance Style

Pop icon Rihanna brings her bold, sensual spirit to every fragrance she creates. She has an innate talent for blending notes in unexpected ways. Rogue Love continues her signature of pairing fresh fruits with rich gourmands to craft fragrances that seduce the senses. This juxtaposition mirrors Rihanna’s own personality – at once playful yet mysterious, comforting yet provocative.

Rihanna’s Fragrance Partnership with LVMH

Rihanna has an exclusive fragrance partnership with the prestigious luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. This allows her full creative control to craft her scents using the highest quality ingredients. Perfumers work closely with Rihanna to bring her vision to life. Rogue Love showcases Rihanna’s maturation as a fragrance creator, with intoxicating complexity.

In Summary

Rogue Love Eau de Parfum is:

  • A fruity floral gourmand women’s fragrance
  • Top notes of peach, berries and mandarin
  • A romantic floral heart of orchid, jasmine, honeysuckle and coconut
  • A warm base of caramel, vanilla, amber and woods
  • Seductive yet playful, perfect for day to night wear
  • A sensual scent crafted with Rihanna’s signature style

Fall in love with the new Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum. Its mix of juicy fruits, exotic florals and creamy gourmands will make you feel passionately seduced. Get yours today!


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