Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Body Mist for Women – Daringly Feminine Scent with Notes of Frangipani and Hibiscus

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Transport yourself to an island paradise with the Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Body Mist. Inspired by Rihanna’s Caribbean roots, this alluring body mist envelops you in a daringly feminine floral scent accented by exotic frangipani, violet, hibiscus and coconut.

Captivating Tropical Essence

The moment you spritz on this body mist, you’ll be whisked away to a tropical oasis. Top notes of ripe, red fruits like strawberry and raspberry add a lush ripeness, while frangipani and hibiscus lend a heady floral heart. Exotic undertones of coconut, amber and musk give it sensuality and staying power on the skin.

Be Reb’l, Be You

Reb’l Fleur encourages you to embrace your inner rebel and show the world who you truly are. Just like Rihanna pushes boundaries with her music, this scent encourages you to break the mold and be your most confident, daring self. The gorgeous flacon even pays homage to Rihanna’s tattoos and her home country with its braided leather tassel and hand-painted flower from Barbados.

Floral Charm Meets Spicy Allure

This hypnotic body mist is the perfect hybrid of floral charm and spicy allure. The fruity top notes give way to a feminine floral heart while the base accords lend a creamy, island-inspired sensuality. Reb’l Fleur balances fresh fruits, exotic blooms and warm, woodsy notes for a multi-dimensional scent that evolves beautifully on your skin.

Versatile for Day or Night

Reb’l Fleur was made for everyday wear but it also transforms for evening. During the day, a quick spritz gives you an instant tropical escape. The fruity notes feel bright and effervescent while the florals lend polka-dotted sundress charm. At night, the base notes come alive, offering a warm, sultry effect that’s perfect for date night. From work to play, this scent has you covered.

Radiates Confidence

Wearing Reb’l Fleur makes you feel vibrant, alive and brimming with confidence. Just a spray or two of this body mist makes you radiate an aura of tropical mystique. The gorgeous bottle looks beautiful on your vanity too, like an elegant little reminder to embrace your inner diva.

Long-Lasting Formula

Reb’l Fleur utilizes a long-lasting formula that will keep you smelling fabulous for hours. The fruity and floral notes announce your arrival then the muskier base notes linger softly on your skin. A quick spritz in all your key pulse points ensures an overall aura of tropical charm that won’t quit.


Like all of Rihanna’s products, the Reb’l Fleur body mist is free of parabens and phthalates so you can feel good about what you’re spraying on your skin. Rihanna wouldn’t have it any other way!

Beautifully Packaged

The Reb’l Fleur body mist comes in an elegant glass bottle with a braided leather and tassel topper inspired by Rihanna’s island roots and her edgy style. The hand-painted hibiscus flower gives nod to her beloved home of Barbados. Beautifully packaged, this bottle looks as good on your vanity as it smells on your skin!

A Tropical State of Mind

Escape the everyday and transport your senses to an exotic island paradise! This daringly feminine body mist surrounds you in dewy frangipani, vibrant hibiscus and lush coconut for a multi-faceted floral experience. Feel vibrant, sexy and confident as you channel your inner rebel. Reb’l Fleur takes you on a sensorial getaway with every spritz!

Smell Confident and Daring with Reb’l Fleur

Tropical, feminine and undeniably sexy—the Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Body Mist is your ticket to paradise in a bottle. Let your rebellious spirit run free as you envelop your skin in fruity, floral confidence. Feel vibrant, beautiful and daring as you channel the exotic island essence of Rihanna’s homeland. With top notes of strawberry and raspberry, middle notes of frangipani and hibiscus and base notes of coconut, amber and musk, Reb’l Fleur surrounds you in island mystique. Spritz today and unlock your inner rebel!


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