Remy Latour Cigar For Men Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.3 Ounces

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Capture the bold, sophisticated scent of fine cigars with Remy Latour Cigar for Men Eau De Toilette. This dynamic fragrance evokes images of gentlemen relaxing in an upscale lounge, sipping cognac and enjoying hand-rolled cigars. Earthy patchouli and sandalwood notes mingle with spicy tobacco, amber, leather, and moss accords to create an intriguing aroma that is both rugged and refined.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Artemisia, Caraway, Lime, Neroli

Heart Notes: Iris, Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Pepper, Clove

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Musk, Ambergris, Tobacco Leaf

Remy Latour Cigar for Men opens with a burst of citrus and herbal aromas. Tart bergamot and artemisia provide an invigorating introduction, while subtle hints of caraway and lime add zesty nuances. As the fragrance evolves, the scent profile becomes richer and more textured. Regal iris unfolds its powdery floral facets, complemented by heady jasmine and gentle rose. Earthy patchouli comes forward, mingling with the warmth of tonka bean and tantalizing flashes of pepper and clove.

Finally, the base notes create a sensuous, woody foundation for the scent. Natural sandalwood and cedar radiate a refined, sophisticated character. Hints of tobacco leaf, vanilla and musk echo an old-world gentleman’s club. Exotic ambergris provides an animalic twist to the tobacco and woods. Overall, Cigar for Men is the perfect signature scent for modern gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life.

When to Wear It

Remy Latour Cigar for Men is ideal for evening wear and special occasions. The rich, masculine aroma sets the mood for sophisticated events, from formal black-tie affairs to intimate dinner dates. The scent is opulent enough for cooler evenings yet fresh enough for warmer weather. For everyday wear, save Cigar for Men for the office or evenings out. The bold fragrance profile commands presence and respect.

Who Can Wear It

This dynamic scent was created for modern gentlemen with refined tastes. Confident, successful men who appreciate luxury and quality will feel right at home in this fragrance. Cigar for Men also makes a fantastic gift for the discerning man in your life. If he enjoys fine cigars, cognac, bespoke suits, and other refined pleasures, Cigar for Men will become his new signature. For a rugged spin, pair this cologne with an earthy beard oil and stylish flannel or leather jacket.

How to Apply

To enjoy the full experience of Cigar for Men, apply using the following method: After showering and moisturizing, spray 2-4 pulses of the cologne onto pulse points like the neck, wrists, and chest. The warmth of the skin will help radiate the notes throughout the day. Reapply as needed for continued enjoyment. For a more subtle effect, spray just 1-2 pulses. Take care not to over-apply, as the rich base notes can become overwhelming. Allow the fragrance to air out for at least 10 minutes before dressing to avoid discoloring clothing.

Key Notes

Bergamot: Lends a bright, effervescent citrus aroma and uplifting energy to the opening of the fragrance.
Artemisia: Adds a distinct herbal nuance next to the bergamot.
Iris: Provides an elegant, powdery floral heart wrapped in luxury.
Jasmine: Contributes an intense, heady blossom undertone.
Patchouli: An earthy, musky note that enriches the floral heart.
Sandalwood: The creamy, buttery sandalwood grounds the fragrance in natural luxury.
Cedar: Blends beautifully with sandalwood to create an opulent, woody base.
Tobacco Leaf: Adds swirls of rich, tobacco and old world sophistication.

Perfume Personality

Remy Latour Cigar for Men has a bold, masculine personality that commands attention. Sophistication and luxury shine through its multi-faceted scent profile. This cologne is equally at home in upscale lounges or highend night clubs. For the gentleman who embraces luxury and quality, Cigar for Men becomes an alluring signature scent. Confidence and charisma radiate from this fragrance.

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Remy Latour Cigar for Men continues the brand’s tradition of setting trends in bold, sensual fragrances for men. Let this intoxicating elixir become your signature scent for nights out on the town. With its striking woody aroma, Cigar transforms you into a modern gentleman embracing luxury and sophistication.


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