Real Techniques Brightening Face & Eye Concealer Brush for Flawless Coverage of Imperfections, RT 242

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The Real Techniques 242 Brightening Concealer Brush, also known as the Kitten Paw Brush, is designed to provide smooth, flawless coverage for the delicate areas around the eyes and face. With ultra-plush synthetic bristles shaped like a kitten’s paw, this makeup brush evenly applies and blends liquid or cream concealer and eye creams for a refreshed, wide awake look.

Blurs Imperfections with Softer-Than-Air Bristles

The unique kitten paw design of the tapered head and ultra-soft bristles ensure all concealer is buffed into skin in a gentle tapping motion. This creates an airbrushed effect over blemishes, dark circles, spots and fine lines on the face and under eyes. The soft synthetic bristles almost melt the product into skin for truly undetectable coverage.

Streak-Free Application

The Real Techniques 242 concealer brush head has a tapered shape and rounded edges which allows for precise application in hard-to-reach areas around the eyes, nose and mouth without any pulling or tugging delicate skin. The smooth bristles evenly deposit the perfect amount of concealer and blend it effortlessly into skin for a natural, streak-free finish.

Long Handle for Control

The long handle of the brush gives you full control so you can comfortably reach and see every area that needs concealing. The extended brush handle also provides stability as you apply makeup, preventing clumsy smudges or uneven coverage.

Multipurpose for Eyes, Face and Cream

Use the Real Techniques 242 concealer brush to expertly apply and blend liquid or cream concealer, color correctors or eye creams. The soft bristles work gently to dab products around the eyes, on blemishes or over areas of discoloration without absorbing excess amounts of makeup or pulling on delicate eye skin.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

The Real Techniques 242 concealer brush is made with 100% synthetic bristles which are super soft on skin. The brushes are vegan, cruelty-free and never tested on animals. The long-lasting brushes feature aluminum ferrules and color coded handles for easy identification.

How to Use the 242 Concealer Brush

Use the 242 concealer brush to conceal and brighten in 4 simple steps:

Prep – Apply eye cream, brightener or color correcting product and blend lightly around eye area using the tapered tip of the concealer brush.

Conceal – Use brush to dot liquid or cream concealer directly onto blemishes, dark circles or areas of discoloration on the face and under eyes that need coverage.

Blend – In a soft tapping or stippling motion, gently buff and blend edges of concealer into skin using the kitten paw shaped bristles to create an even, flawless finish.

Set – Lightly dust setting powder over areas concealed with a fluffy powder brush to lock in coverage.

Tips for a Flawless Concealer Finish

Use brush to apply eye cream before makeup for smoother application and long-lasting coverage.

Warm cream or liquid concealer on back of hand before using brush to pick up product to prevent cakey coverage.

Opt for a color correcting concealer to neutralize dark circles and spots before applying skin-toned concealer.

Use light, downward strokes under the eyes and gentle dabbing on blemishes to prevent tugging delicate skin.

Clean brush regularly with brush cleansing sprays or soap to keep bristles hygienic.

Complete Your Makeup Toolkit

Pair the Real Techniques 242 concealer brush with other essential makeup brushes like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for flawless foundation application. Use the detailer brush to precisely apply concealer just where you need it. Finish with the setting brush to sweep away excess powder for a photo-ready complexion.

With its ingenious kitten paw design, the Real Techniques 242 concealer brush distributes makeup flawlessly for undetectable coverage. Use this multitasking brush to conceal problem areas with an airbrushed effect. The tapered tip expertly covers spots, imperfections and under eye circles for a wide awake, lit-from-within glow.


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