Rayson Refillable Spray Bottles – Versatile Fine Mist Sprayer for Hair, Plants & More

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Refresh, revive and care for your hair, skin, plants and pets with the versatile Rayson Refillable Spray Bottle. The reusable fine mist bottle allows you to create custom solutions and apply them in a targeted stream or ultra-fine mist.

Universal Use Across Beauty, Home and Garden

Fill the BPA-free spray container with your choice of water, oils, cleaners or mixtures. The possibilities are endless! Use it to:

  • Refresh hair styles with water or leave-in conditioner
  • Spritz plants and seedlings with water or fertilizer
  • Apply lotions, sunscreens and facial mists
  • Mist pets with water or grooming products
  • Clean surfaces with DIY all-purpose cleaner
  • Spray homemade cloth freshener on curtains

The multi-purpose bottle allows you to save money by creating your own solutions. Mix up custom blends for hair, skin, pets, plants and home care needs.

Fine and Continuous Mist Setting

The spray nozzle offers two settings to suit any application:

  • Fine Mist: Ultra-light spray perfect for hair styling, facials and delicate plants.
  • Stream Setting: Direct spray to coat large areas quickly and evenly.

The trigger delivers a continuous light mist without requiring repeated squeezing. Easily reach all areas of hair, scalp, face and body for fast, mess-free coverage.

Reusable and Refillable Bottle

This spray container is designed for repeated use and quick refills:

  • Durable plastic construction resists cracks and leaks
  • Transparent to monitor fluid levels
  • Leakproof screw-on cap for mess-free storage
  • Wide opening makes it easy to refill

Mix up a new batch or switch solutions by simply rinsing and refilling the bottle. Reuse it over and over to reduce waste and save money.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use

The thoughtful design features include:

  • Curved trigger designed to fit your finger
  • Textured sides for secure grip
  • Weighted base for stability when setting down
  • 10oz capacity for multi-use

The slim bottle fits perfectly in your hand and can be used at any angle, even upside down. Take it wherever you need a targeted spray solution.

Take Control of Your Beauty, Home and Garden Routine

The Rayson Refillable Spray Bottle allows you to customize solutions for all your needs:

  • Hair: Refresh curls, hydrate dry hair, apply treatments
  • Skin: Mist on toner, sunscreen spray, makeup setter
  • Plants: Water delicate seedlings, apply plant food
  • Pets: Spritz on grooming products, hydrating mist
  • Home: Spot clean surfaces, apply DIY cleaners

Take control of your daily routine with the convenience of a reusable fine mist spray bottle. Order the Rayson Sprayer today!


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