RASASI Qasamat Ebhar Unisex EDP – Luxurious Floral Citrus Scent for All

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Transport your senses to an exotic floral oasis with RASASI Qasamat Ebhar Unisex EDP Perfume. This luxurious fragrance opens with effervescent notes of lemon and green apple, immediately uplifting the spirit. As the scent journey unfolds, a bouquet of iris, lotus and jasmine bloom, exuding their hypnotic floral essence. Finally, base notes of vanilla, praline and musk wrap you in soft sensuality, prolonging the enchantment.

With its artful blend of zesty citrus, romantic florals and warm oriental notes, Qasamat Ebhar is a multifaceted elixir for the senses. The juice evokes images of strolling through dewy gardens at dawn, the refreshing mist of lemon misting your skin. As the sun rises, bewitching blooms release their narcotic perfume, infusing the air with intoxicating beauty. The vanilla drydown lingers long after, its sweet caress a pleasant memory of the experience.

Qasamat Ebhar is part of Rasasi’s series of four unisex fragrances inspired by the rich tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery. This oriental collection pays homage to the love of opulence and self-expression in Arabian culture. The perfumes feature precious ingredients and unique accords that provide an escapist, addictive experience.

Like its siblings in the collection, Ebhar makes a bold, luxurious statement. The gold deco bottle decorated with gems reflects the lavish, jeweled aesthetic of the Arabian Gulf. This exotic elixir evokes images of majestic palaces, spice markets and textiles interwoven with gold.

True to its inspiration, Ebhar permeates the wearer with distinctive character. The exhilarating citrus notes evoke a vibrant, spirited personality – charming yet unpredictable as the desert wind. Lush florals reveal a romantic sensuality, delicate yet intense in their allure. The warm, balmy base conveys an aura of relaxed confidence.

This mesmerizing fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night. For daytime, spritz on pulse points before heading out to energize your presence. The effervescent citrus notes create an uplifting effect, perfect for social events or the workplace. For evenings out, apply more generously for a lasting trail of mystery that intrigues those around you. The rich bouquet continues to seduce as the hours pass.

Ebhar layers beautifully with other fragrances, allowing you to create customized scent wardrobes to match mood or occasion. In cooler weather, pair it with woodsy orientals or gourmand vanillas to intensify the cozy factor. On balmy summer nights, complement the lemon and florals with light, oceanic or fruity scents for added freshness. For date night, combine with a sensual musk or amber base for an intoxicating dose of allure.

Unisex by design, Qasamat Ebhar complements individual body chemistry beautifully. The crisp lemon and undertone of musk curbs any overt sweetness from the florals, allowing the juice to retain a light, airy quality on men. For women, the rose and jasmine reveal their hypnotic, creamy facets paired with skin’s warmth. The vanilla drydown caresses with a subtle sensuality rather than heaviness.

Showcase your wild spirit, romantic side or relaxed confidence – or all three – with this shape-shifting fragrance. Spray on liberally to transport mind and spirit to an exotic realm filled with citrusy freshness, floral enchantment and warm sensuality. Qasamat Ebhar brings a touch of luxury, mystique and addictive intrigue to your fragrance wardrobe.


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