RASASI Daarej Perfumes – Alluring Fragrances for Men and Women

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RASASI Daarej offers a collection of captivating fragrances for both men and women. These perfumes are inspired by the exoticism of the Middle East and crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Daarej fragrances evoke passion, romance, and adventure.

For Men

Shuhrah Eau De Parfum

Shuhrah is a masculine woody fragrance that blends fresh citrus with warm, earthy base notes. The top notes of bergamot, frankincense, and cedarwood create an invigorating opening. As Shuhrah dries down, oakmoss and oudh add an alluring depth and richness. This complex scent transitions from day to night, perfect for the sophisticated, stylish man.

Entebaa Eau De Toilette

Fresh, green, and effortlessly confident. Entebaa opens with zesty citrus fruits and herbal lavender. The heart blossoms with geranium and coriander for a contemporary twist on classic fougère fragrances. Sandalwood, musk, and amber create a sensual trail in this easy-to-wear everyday scent. Entebaa is tailored and refined but also casual and approachable.

Dareej Eau De Parfum

Dareej is a romantic fragrance for men. Assertive spices like black pepper and nutmeg create a bold first impression. As it evolves, Dareej becomes softer and creamier with lush florals like rose and jasmine. The drydown is a gentle whisper of Tonka bean, amber, and sandalwood. Dareej is the perfect signature scent for the charming, confident man who loves passionately.

For Women

Daarej Eau De Parfum

The feminine counterpart to the men’s Dareej fragrance. This floral gourmand scent leads with juicy bergamot and peach. The heart is an bouquet of white florals – muguet, jasmine, tuberose, orchid, and heliotrope. As it dries down, Daarej becomes warmer and creamier with notes like vanilla, caramel, sandalwood, and musk. Romantic, soft, and unforgettably alluring.

Unique Bottle Design

The Daarej perfumes are housed in minimalist geometric bottles. The men’s bottles have sharper lines in cool tones of blue, grey, and black. The women’s bottle is softer with rounded edges in blush pink. The streamlined silhouette allows the exotic fragrance to take center stage.

When to Wear


Shuhrah is versatile enough for day or night. The bergamot and cedarwood give it a freshness perfect for the office or daytime events. While the warm, spicy base notes make it sensual for an evening out.


With its energetic citrus opening and lavender heart, Entebaa is ideal for casual daytime wear. It’s bright, uplifting aroma works well for the man on the go.

Dareej for Men

Dareej is a seductive evening fragrance. The spicy and floral notes create an aura of mystery perfect for a date or special occasion. It’s bold, passionate and intimate.

Daarej for Women

Daarej is a feminine fragrance best suited for romantic evenings out. The gourmand notes make this a perfect date night perfume. It’s soft, warm, and irresistibly sexy.

Unisex Appeal

While the Daarej fragrances are marketed to men and women separately, they have a unisex quality. The bottles are color coded, but the scents themselves can be enjoyed by anyone. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine notes makes them perfectly balanced.

Long Lasting Formulas

Daarej perfumes are formulated with maximum potency and longevity. They are concentrated parfums with 20-30% fragrance oils. This higher concentration means the scents last longer on skin. With notes that unfold over time, you can enjoy these fragrances for hours.

How to Apply

Apply Daarej perfumes to pulse points like the wrists, neck, and décolletage. The warmth of the skin will help diffuse the fragrance. For a captivating effect, spray once on each wrist and dab behind the ears and throat. Reapply as needed for continuous aroma.

Gift Giving

Daarej perfumes make excellent gifts for men and women. They are sophisticated enough for luxury gift giving, yet affordable enough for any occasion. Their exotic allure has universal appeal making them safe blind buys. Presented in sleek minimalist bottles, they are sure to impress any recipient.

Discover Alluring Middle Eastern Inspired Fragrances

Transport your senses to faraway exotic lands with RASASI Daarej perfumes. Their craftsmanship, quality, and passion resonate through each bottle. Let these scents ignite your own sense of adventure, romance, and daring.


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