Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for Men – A Fresh Sporty Cologne With Notes of Lavender Blossom and Spicy Amber

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The epitome of the active, athletic gentleman, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren embodies the thrill of competition and the refreshing cool-down after. As invigorating as a dip in a mountain stream yet as comforting as a hot shower after a tough workout, this sporty yet sophisticated eau de toilette spray will energize your day with notes of crisp lavender blossom, verdant armoise, spicy ginger, and warm amber wood.

Just as Ralph Lauren’s famous polo player astride his noble steed encapsulates athletic elegance, Polo Sport blends sparkling citrus, green freshness, and woodsy spice for a scent that’s perfect for work or play. Spritz it on before heading to the office, going out with friends, or breaking a sweat at the gym. The clean yet sensual aroma will make you feel refreshed, confident, and ready to take on any challenge.

Top Notes:
The top notes offer an exhilarating rush of crisp fruitiness, with mandarin adding vibrant sweetness while apple and lemon provide tart freshness. Lavender blossom and cool armoise offer herbal nuance to round out the bright citrus opening.

Heart Notes:
As the scent develops, an energetic trio of cardamom, neroli, and juniper berry emerge, imbuing the fragrance with spicy warmth. These notes are softened by jasmine’s rich yet delicate petals.

Base Notes:
Finally, the sensual base notes create an enveloping, textured foundation for the scent. Sultry cinnamon joins forces with earthy vetiver and amber wood to give the fragrance an alluring, skin-hugging muskiness.

With a dash of ginger adding a final spicy kick, these notes blend into a harmonious chypre fragrance that is ideal for active, outdoorsy men with an energetic spirit and rugged sense of style.

When to Wear It

Thanks to its versatile blend of crisp fruits, green florals, and warm musky woods, Polo Sport works beautifully for nearly any occasion or time of day. The citrus and herbal notes feel fresh and cooling, making it ideal for daytime wear in warmer weather. A dash before your morning workout or commute to the office will make you feel energized and ready to take on the day.

Meanwhile, the spicy cinnamon, amber wood, and musk lend the scent a sensual warmth that is perfect for evening wear, especially on a date or night out with friends. The lavender and jasmine are soothing after a long day while the ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon provide an alluring spice when worn in the evening.

In addition to wearing Polo Sport during the warmer spring and summer months, its mix of fresh and spicy notes also make it ideal for year-round wear. The crisp fruits feel invigorating on gloomy fall days when you need a pick-me-up, while the cinnamon and ginger warm up the scent on chilly winter days.

Designer Heritage

As part of Ralph Lauren’s Polo fragrance collection, Polo Sport represents the brand’s celebration of timeless American style with an athletic twist.

Ralph Lauren built his empire around aspirational preppy style, emblemized by the polo player logo. He pioneered an all-American country club aesthetic blended with a downtown sensibility in his clothing, home goods, and fragrances.

The original Polo cologne was launched in 1978 and became an iconic symbol of masculine confidence and sophistication. Building upon Polo’s legacy, Polo Sport was released in 1994 to embody the athletic, adventurous side of the Ralph Lauren man.

With its energizing citrus notes and spicy woods, Polo Sport evokes crisp polo shirts, tennis sweaters tied around the neck, sailing, skiing, and weekends at the country club. Its bottle features sleek silver and navy blue colors that are reminiscent of Ralph Lauren’s purple label.

Much like the brand’s clothing, this scent effortlessly balances preppy style with rugged versatility. It has a timeless character that continues to feel fresh and relevant for modern men in search of a vibrant, sporty signature scent.

How to Apply

To enjoy the crisp energy and sensual warmth of Polo Sport, apply it generously each morning after showering and throughout the day as needed.

Most fragrances are more intense when applied to warm skin directly after bathing. Spray 4-6 spritzes on pulse points like the insides of your wrists, base of your throat, and chest. You can also spray 1 spritz in your hair for a lingering subtle scent.

Avoid rubbing your wrists together as this can crush the notes – instead allow the fragrance to settle directly on your skin. Reapply after a workout or on a hot day as the top notes tend to fade more quickly.

For best results, store your bottle of Polo Sport in a cool dry place away from direct light to help preserve the complex blend of notes.

What Customers Are Saying

With 4.5 stars and over 2,000 reviews, customers clearly love Polo Sport’s timeless yet vigorous energy:

“This was and is my favorite cologne of all time. It’s very hard to come by. I get compliments every single time I wear it.”

“I have consistently worn Polo Sport since it debuted in the 90’s. The formula has stayed consistent, it lasts and it garners consistent compliments.”

“I’ve been wearing this since high school! Girls love it! Always get compliments when wearing it. Very fresh masculine scent.”

“I am ecstatic that I found this fragrance again. I used to wear it years ago and always got compliments from the ladies on how good I smelled.”

“This used to be my signature scent in high school and I wore it on my first date with my wife. She loves when I wear it because it takes her back over 20 years. It’s a great fragrance!”

With its irresistible blend of crisp and spicy notes plus nostalgic ties to the 90s, it’s easy to see why Polo Sport earns rave reviews from men and women alike.

The Quintessential Sporty Cologne

Invigorating as a cool breeze across the bow of a sailboat yet subtly sexy as a polo player astride his horse, Polo Sport is the quintessential sporty cologne for modern gentlemen. Its exhilarating blend of fruits, herbs, spices, and musky woods will make you feel confident, refreshed, and ready for adventure. Spray on this Ralph Lauren classic to light up any occasion with crisp energy and sensual warmth.


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