Rael Natural Rayon Cotton Pads – The Softer, Superior Facial Cleansing Pads

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Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the Rael Natural Rayon Cotton Pads – the softest, most sustainable cotton pads for effective daily skincare. These ultra-plush pads gently remove makeup and deep clean pores using half the product you normally would.

Blissfully Soft, Lint-Free Rayon Material

Ditch scratchy, wasteful disposable wipes and experience the silky softness of Rael’s rayon cotton pads. They’re crafted from completely natural pulp and cosmetic-grade rayon for the perfect balance of gentle and effective.

The innovative material:

  • Feels soothing and pillowy against skin
  • Glides over skin to gently exfoliate and remove impurities
  • Traps dirt, oil, and makeup without falling apart or leaving lint
  • Rinses clean without residue or wasted product

Indulge your skin in the silky texture and lint-free cleansing power of these skincare saviors. Your face will feel fresh and renewed in soothing comfort.

Sustainable Airlaid Technology

Rael rayon cotton pads are produced sustainably using an airlaid manufacturing process that eliminates water waste.

High-powered air pressure bonds the plant-based fibers into smooth, durable pads. The benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly production method saves water
  • Ultra-soft feel rivals cotton with less environmental impact
  • Extra durable and resistant to tearing
  • Absorbent, fast-drying material

You can feel good about using these eco-friendly cotton pads that are gentler on skin and made to last pad after pad.

Double the Power of Your Products

These innovative cotton squares maximize your skincare products by requiring half the amount you’d normally use.

The ultra-absorbent rayon material traps every last drop of toner, makeup remover, and cleanser while preventing waste. No more soaked cotton balls or messy drips.

Double the life of your serums, oils, micellar waters, and more. Your skin will receive the same deep-cleansing results using less product with each application.

The Ideal Facial Cleansing Routine

Rael’s cotton pads are the secret to a simplified, effective skincare regimen:

  1. Makeup Removal: Saturate a pad with makeup remover or micellar water. Gently wipe across face to dissolve makeup and lift away impurities.
  2. Cleansing: Apply a small amount of cleanser to a pad and lightly buff skin in circular motions to clear pores.
  3. Toner: Swipe toner-soaked pad over face and neck to restore pH levels and refine skin.
  4. Serums & Oils: Press product-covered pad against skin to maximize absorption of active ingredients.

The plush rayon material glides over skin and allows products to penetrate optimally. Cut your skincare routine time in half while still achieving glowing results.

DIY Spa Masks in a Pad

Take your at-home spa treatment to the next level by crafting customized masks right on the pads.

Soak them in any of your favorite nourishing ingredients like:

  • Green tea – Soothes inflammation
  • Honey – Hydrates and brightens
  • Tea tree oil – Clears acne
  • Rose water – Reduces redness

Apply the soaked pads onto skin for a concentrated dose wherever your skin needs it most – around the eyes, on the forehead, over breakouts.

The ultra-soft rayon material allows key ingredients to penetrate deeply and deliver targeted results. DIY masks have never been simpler.

The Last Cotton Pads You’ll Ever Need

Pamper your skin every day with the superior quality and value of Rael’s Natural Rayon Cotton Pads. Each set includes:

  • 200 large square cotton pads
  • 100% rayon material
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested for safety

Toss out your old scratchy cotton balls and upgrade to the softest, most sustainable skincare experience. Your skin will soak up theDifference with luxury rayon pads. Add them to your cart today!


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