QUEWEL Volume Eyelash Extensions Kit – Create Fluttery, Full Lashes at Home

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Get ready to transform your natural lashes into a gorgeous, eye-catching fringe with the QUEWEL Volume Eyelash Extensions Kit. This easy-to-use kit contains everything you need to apply wispy, fluttery volume lashes right at home.

Fluffy, Feathery Lashes in Minutes

The QUEWEL kit includes 120 cruelty-free, PBT eyelash extensions made from premium Korean materials. These lightweight lashes come pre-arranged in convenient fan shapes, making application quick and easy.

Simply use the included professional-quality tweezers and adhesive to grab a fan of lashes and apply them to your natural lash line. Each fan contains 12 perfectly-spaced lashes in varying lengths from 8-15mm, creating a full, voluminous look reminiscent of mink lashes.

With the clever fan design, you can achieve a lush 5C-5D volume effect in minutes – no tedious individual lash application required. The soft, flexible lashes are comfortable to wear and customized to your unique eye shape.

Salon-Worthy Results from Home

Skip the salon and save time and money by applying these easy-to-use faux mink lashes yourself. The lightweight blooming lashes feel incredibly soft and look completely natural.

The specially-designed fans allow you to control the volume and density. Stack two or more fans on top of each other for mega-volume bombshell lashes. Or, space out the fans for a subtle daytime look.

The cruelty-free, matte black lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes and can last over a week with proper aftercare. No more wasting money on cheap false lashes that lose their shape after a single use!

Designed for Comfort & Customization

The QUEWEL Volume Lash Extensions use premium materials to ensure the lashes stay flexible and comfortable:

  • Soft PBT Material – Never feels stiff or poky, even after hours of wear
  • Featherlight Design – Each lash weighs practically nothing, preventing drag on lids
  • Matte Black Color – Seamlessly blends in with natural lashes
  • Cruelty-Free – Ethically-sourced materials never tested on animals

The customizable fan design allows you to control the exact look you want, from subtly enhanced lashes to daring, red carpet-worthy volume.

Simple, Mess-Free Application

Applying your new lush lashes takes just minutes with the easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Clean eyelids and prep with eyelash primer
  2. Use tweezers to isolate a fan of lashes
  3. Apply adhesive along your natural lash line
  4. Press fan onto glued base, adjusting as needed
  5. Repeat until desired fullness is achieved

The unique fan shape grabs onto natural lashes to stay in place – no mess, no fuss. The latex-free glue ensures safe, non-irritating wear.

Long-Lasting Luxurious Lashes

Stop wasting money on cheap false lashes and adhesives that damage your natural lashes. This kit includes everything you need for long-lasting, luxurious lashes:

  • 120 Easy-To-Apply Lash Fans
  • Latex-Free, Gentle Adhesive
  • Tweezers for Precise Application
  • Lash Brush & Cleaning Solution

With proper nightly cleaning and maintenance, your new lashes can last over a week of continuous wear. Wake up every morning with glamorous, eye-opening lashes ready to take on the day!

Ditch the mascara smudges and opt for beautiful faux mink lashes that feel weightless and look completely natural. The QUEWEL Volume Lash Extensions Kit brings salon-quality lashes to the comfort of your home. Order today and give your lashes the lush, feathery fullness they deserve!


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