QUEWEL DIY Eyelash Extensions Kit – 144 Pcs Lash Clusters, Tweezers & Glue for At-Home Application

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Get salon-worthy lashes at home with the QUEWEL DIY Eyelash Extensions Kit! This all-in-one set provides everything you need to apply cluster lashes easily by yourself.

The kit includes 144 premium wispy lash clusters in mixed lengths from 8-16mm. Choose between natural, wispy, cat-eye, and dramatic looks depending on your mood!

Upgraded band technology ensures the soft lightweight clusters stay together for easy, frustration-free application. The hypoallergenic material is comfortable to wear. Reuse each lash 2-3 times before replacing.

A professional quality stainless steel tweezer makes it easy to grab and precisely place clusters. The slanted tip allows close application to the lash line.

For long-lasting wear, the vegan lash bond & seal adhesive keeps extensions secure. It dries clear and won’t clump or flake. Easily remove adhesive buildup with the 5ml glue remover.

With this convenient kit, you can skip expensive salon trips and fill sparse areas or get a full bombshell lash look anytime! Reasons to love:

  • 144 mixed length lash clusters
  • Upgraded soft hypoallergenic bands
  • Reusable clusters for multiple applications
  • Precision stainless steel tweezers
  • Adhesive and remover for easy application
  • Create any look from natural to glam!

Applying false eyelashes can be frustrating, but these QUEWEL lash clusters make it so easy. The upgraded band holds lashes together for quick pick up and placement with the slanted tweezers.

No more spending time and money at lash salons! Get voluminous eyelash extensions at home on your own schedule. With the included adhesive and remover, you’ll get long-lasting wear and easy take-off.

Whether you want to accentuate your eyes for a special event or wake up to beautiful lashes every day, this DIY kit has everything. Create natural, flirty, bold lashes without the hassle. The clusters can be reused up to 3 times too!

The QUEWEL Eyelash Extension Kit provides professional quality lashes and tools for at-home application convenience. Achieve stunning eyes easily and affordably!


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