QUBA LINEN 100% Cotton Wash Cloths – Pack of 24 Absorbent Flannel Fingertip Towels

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Treat yourself to soft, luxurious wash cloths with this convenient 24 pack from QUBA LINEN. Made from premium 100% cotton flannel, these fingertip towels are perfect for bath and beauty routines.

Each wash cloth measures 12 x 12 inches, providing ample surface area for effective cleansing. The flannel fabric is soft, plush and comfortable against skin. Gentle enough for facial cleansing, yet durable enough for heavy duty tasks.

With high absorbency and quick drying properties, these wash cloths are ideal for use after showering, washing hands and face, during spa treatments, and more. The 100% cotton holds moisture while also promoting breathability.

This pack includes 24 wash cloths in an assortment of 6 colors:

  • 4 Grey Wash Cloths
  • 4 Pink Wash Cloths
  • 4 Brown Wash Cloths
  • 4 Blue Wash Cloths
  • 4 White Wash Cloths
  • 4 Navy Blue Wash Cloths

The variety of colors provides a pop of color to your bathroom while also easily designating certain cloths for separate uses. Keep some by the sink for hand and face washing, some in the shower, and some by the kitchen sink for dishwashing.

In addition to personal use, these cotton wash cloths have many possibilities:

  • Use in gyms as workout towels
  • Provide for guests at a spa or salon
  • Use as cleaning rags in garages and workshops
  • Place by sinks in restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • Donate to homeless shelters and relief organizations

Reasons to love these QUBA LINEN 100% Cotton Wash Cloths:

  • Made of soft, plush 100% cotton flannel
  • Absorbent and quick-drying
  • 12 x 12 inch size with ample cleansing area
  • Pack of 24 in assorted colors
  • Gentle enough for facial cleansing
  • Durable for heavy duty cleaning jobs
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Great for personal use, gifts, spas, gyms, restaurants, and more

Pamper yourself with the comfort of premium cotton wash cloths. This convenient 24 pack from QUBA LINEN provides high quality fingertip towels for bath and beauty routines. The assorted colors add a decorative touch.

With versatility from facial cleansing to dish washing, these 100% cotton flannel wash cloths are a welcome addition to any home. Purchase a pack for yourself or give as a gift.


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