QIANSOU Disposable Nylon Hair Nets – Breathable, Durable Caps for Food Service, Kitchen and Restaurant Use (100-pack)

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Keep hair contained in the kitchen and protect food from contamination with QIANSOU disposable hair nets. These comfortable, breathable nylon nets come in a pack of 100, ready for commercial or home kitchen use.

Made from high-quality woven nylon, these hairnets provide excellent coverage while remaining lightweight and airy. The honeycomb weave allows for airflow so heat and moisture can escape, keeping wearers cool in hot kitchen environments.

The nylon construction is durable enough for constant use and machine washing. There’s no need to replace nets frequently, saving you money. Yet these nets are still disposable for sanitation purposes.

The 24 inch size fits most heads circumference comfortably without being bulky. The stretchy woven material provides a secure fit for excellent hair containment. Long hair easily fits inside the cap.

These nets are essential for food service employees, keeping hair away from open food. They also prevent shedding into mixes or onto counters. For those with facial hair, these nets keep loose hairs off ingredients.

Home cooks can benefit from wearing hairnets as well during meal prep. Keep your hair from ending up in food with these protective caps. Great for baking, canning, prep work and more.

The hygienic individual packaging helps keep nets sanitary before first use. They come standard 100 to a pack for convenience.

Whether you operate a commercial kitchen, restaurant, catering service, or food truck, these nets ensure worker hair doesn’t compromise food safety standards. Protect your patrons and comply with health regulations.

Some key benefits include:

Breathable nylon material
Stretchy comfortable fit
Full head coverage with ponytail opening
Durable and machine washable
Disposable for sanitation
Protects against hair ending up in food
Hygienic individual packaging
With over 20 years of experience providing quality hairnets and hats to the food service industry, QIANSOU is a trusted brand. Our focus is on comfort and protection.

Our disposable nets keep cooks and chefs compliant with health codes for prepared food. Don’t risk contamination – keep hair controlled with QIANSOU.


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