Q-tips Travel Size Cotton Swabs – Pack of 2, 30 Count Each for On-the-Go Beauty and Grooming

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Take Q-tips portable precision with you wherever you go! This travel pack contains 2 flip-top cases of 30 Q-tips cotton swabs, perfect for touching up makeup, nails, crafts and more while on the move.

The slim plastic carrying case fits easily into purses, bags, and suitcases so you can use these mini swabs anywhere. Keep your look polished throughout the day or take them in your carry-on when traveling.

Each swab features the iconic 100% cotton Q-tips quality with softly padded tips that are gentle on skin. They won’t fall apart like cheap brands. The sturdy paper stem makes it easy to swab precisely.

Use these portable swabs for:

Beauty Touch-Ups:

Fix smudged mascara, eyeliner or lipstick
Blend eyeshadow or concealer
Clean up nail polish mistakes
Apply glue-on nails or rhinestones
Grooming & Health:

Apply ointments neatly
Gently clean ears, noses, cuts
Remove contact lenses
Apply dental products
Crafting & Hobbies:

Glue small items or jewels
Dust collectibles or models
Paint without brushes
Spot-clean delicate items
Office & School Supplies:

Clean electronics and gadgets
Organize small parts like screws
Transfer liquids like white-out
Mix paints or inks
Q-tips are the #1 brand of cotton swabs preferred by makeup artists, crafters, and professionals. The soft 100% cotton tips are gentle and highly absorbent, perfect for delicate tasks.

Don’t settle for cheap imitation brands. Q-tips maintain their shape and cotton integrity for reliable performance, ensuring accuracy and precision.

With the slim flip-top case, you can take 30 Q-tips anywhere. Keep them in your car, gym bag, backpack or laptop case for beauty touch ups, first aid, crafting and more throughout the day.

Always have the tools for precision at your fingertips! Add a pack or two of these Q-tips travel swabs to your cart today.


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