Q-tips Safety Swabs, 1250 Count Total – Soft Cotton Tips for Beauty and Home

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Get the beauty and cleaning tools you need with the Q-tips Safety Swabs Family Size Pack of 2. Each pack contains 625 premium cotton swabs, combining for a total of 1250 swabs. That’s plenty for all your beauty, home cleaning, crafting, and more!

The Q-tips brand has been trusted since the 1920s for quality cotton swabs. These safety swabs feature tightly spiraled cotton tops that won’t unravel. The cotton is 100% pure and incredibly soft, making them safe and gentle for use on your face.

Use these Q-tips safety swabs for all your beauty needs. Apply eyeshadow seamlessly by using the cotton tip to pick up and control the pigment. Define brows by brushing color precisely along the brow line. Dot concealer directly onto blemishes for flawless coverage.

The cotton swabs are ideal for lip gloss, letting you glide color on neatly for picture perfect lips. Remove nail polish mistakes in a flash with the precision cotton tip. Finish off eye makeup looks by separating lashes after mascara application.

Not only great for beauty purposes, these Q-tips swabs are multi-purpose tools perfect for any home. Their compact size allows you to reach into small spaces to clean dirt and dust away. Clean computer keyboards, phones, and other electronics gently. Spot clean walls and furniture. The possibilities are endless!

The cotton tips are soft enough to use on delicate surfaces like jewelry and glassware. Yet they are durable enough to handle tough cleaning jobs. No more frustration with cheap swabs that bend and shed halfway through use!

Some more reasons to love the Q-tips Safety Swabs Value Pack:

  • Pack of 2 totaling 1250 premium cotton swabs
  • Soft, tight spiral cotton won’t fall apart during use
  • Compact size for precision cleaning and makeup application
  • Strong paper stems prevent bending and breaking
  • Gentle enough for face; tough enough for cleaning
  • Trusted quality from the Q-tips brand

Give your beauty routine and cleaning kit a boost with these high quality Q-tips safety swabs. The quantity of 1250 swabs means you’ll always have plenty available when you need them.

Use them for applying makeup with control and precision. Clean small electronics gently. Detail clean walls and furniture. Separate lashes after mascara. The cotton tips are perfect for use all around the home and office.

Reasons to Love the Q-tips Safety Swabs Value Pack:

  • Cotton tips are soft and gentle on skin
  • Spiral cotton stays intact – doesn’t unravel
  • Strong paper stems don’t bend while cleaning
  • Compact size great for precision work
  • Tough enough for cleaning yet safe for face
  • Trusted brand known for quality products
  • Quantity of 1250 swabs so you never run out
  • Ideal tool for detailed makeup application
  • Can reach into small crevices that fingers can’t
  • Affordable bulk pack for savings

Never be without the essential tool that is the cotton swab again. With 1250 Q-tips safety swabs you’ll have plenty of soft, durable cotton tips ready for any beauty, cleaning, crafting, or DIY project that comes your way.


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