Q-tips Cotton Swabs – Pack of 2, 500 Count Each for Precision Cleaning, Makeup, Crafts, Pets

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Keep your home stocked with 1000 Q-tips cotton swabs for all your beauty, crafting, cleaning, pet care, and medical needs. This pack includes 2 boxes of 500 Q-tips each, providing value and plenty of swabs.

Each Q-tip features a soft, 100% cotton tip that gently swabs and absorbs liquids. The sturdy paper stem allows you to precisely apply makeup, ointments, glue and more without contamination.

Safely use these quality Q-tips cotton swabs for:

Beauty – Flawlessly apply makeup and blend eyeshadow. Fix polish mistakes. Gently clean piercings and jewelry.

Medical – Carefully apply ointments to cuts. Clean wounds gently. Remove contacts.

Crafts – Glue jewels and small items precisely. Paint models without brushes. Transfer liquids like glue.

Cleaning – Dust computers, keyboards, and collectibles. Spot treat stains. Detail cars.

Pets – Apply flea and tick spot treatment. Gently clean eyes, ears and skin folds.

Babies – Care for the umbilical stump. Apply creams. Clean between toes.

Q-tips are the #1 doctor recommended cotton swab thanks to their safe, high-quality design. The soft 100% cotton tips are gentle on delicate skin and flexible to reach small areas.

The paper stem prevents fingers from touching the tip, keeping swabs hygienic. Q-tips maintain their shape and integrity, unlike flimsy generic cotton swabs.

While similar in appearance, not all swabs are equal. Q-tips undergoes rigorous testing to ensure cotton stays intact use after use, preventing stray fibers from being left behind.

Trust Q-tips cotton swabs for all your beauty, medical, crafting, cleaning, and personal care needs. Our commitment to quality ensures accuracy and precision every time.

Stock up on 1000 essential Q-tips for all your household tasks. Click Add to Cart now to equip your family with the #1 swab brand!


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