Q-tips Cotton Swabs 375 ct with Bonus Travel Holder Case – Precision Swabs for Beauty, Crafts, Cleaning

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Keep Q-tips portable precision handy anywhere with this 375 count box of cotton swabs plus a bonus plastic travel holder case! Perfect for tucking in purses, makeup bags, desk drawers and more.

The flip-top plastic case holds around 20 Q-tips for on-the-go touch ups and tasks. Easily fix makeup mistakes, clean electronics, apply glue and more while out and about.

This set includes 375 Q-tips cotton swabs in total. Each features a soft, 100% cotton tip ideal for gentle swabbing. The sturdy paper stem allows you to cleanly apply and blend.

Take these quality Q-tips swabs anywhere to:

Fix smudged makeup or nail polish
Clean small electronics like phones
Dust collectibles and models
Spot treat stains
Mix paints and inks
Transfer liquids or adhesives
Apply ointments and creams
Q-tips are the #1 doctor recommended cotton swab brand. The flexible cotton tips gently clean and apply while the paper stem prevents contamination.

Specially designed for precision, the cotton tips resist fraying and stay intact use after use. Don’t settle for cheap brands that fall apart easily.

Q-tips swabs undergo rigorous quality control testing to maintain their shape and performance. Over 90 years of expertise makes Q-tips the preferred swab for crafters, artists, makeup pros and families.

Keep a pack in your purse, car, office, school bag and more. The plastic travel case ensures Q-tips stay clean and contained so they’re ready when you need them.

Add portable precision to your beauty routine, first aid kit, crafting box and more with this Q-tips cotton swabs pack. The bonus plastic holder case keeps them protected and portable.


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