Q-tips Cotton Swabs – 3 Packs of 625 Count Each for Beauty, Crafting, Cleaning, and More

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Stock up on the #1 cotton swab brand preferred by professionals – Q-tips! This value pack includes 3 boxes of 625 Q-tips each, totaling 1,875 swabs for all your beauty, crafting, cleaning and personal care needs.

Each Q-tip features a soft, 100% cotton tip that is gentle on skin and absorbs liquids well. The sturdy paper stem allows you to swab precisely and reach delicate areas.

With 1,875 swabs in one pack, you’ll be set for months of use at home, school, office or on the go!

Some of the many uses for Q-tips cotton swabs include:

Beauty – Apply and remove makeup cleanly, fix polish and blend eyeshadow. Safely clean piercings and remove contacts.

Cleaning – Dust collectibles and electronics, spot treat stains, clean hard to reach areas.

First Aid – Apply ointments, clean cuts and scrapes gently.

Crafts and Hobbies – Glue small items, paint models without brushes, transfer liquids neatly.

Pet Care – Apply flea treatments, clean ears and eyes carefully.

Baby Care – Gently apply creams and oils to baby’s skin, clean around the umbilical stump.

Q-tips are the #1 doctor recommended cotton swab brand because of their quality and safety. The cotton tips are soft and flexible, reducing the risk of damage to delicate areas.

The sturdy paper stem prevents fingers from touching the tip, keeping swabs hygienic. Don’t risk your health and safety with imitation cotton swabs.

Q-tips undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure the cotton tips remain intact and don’t fray. Flimsy, cheap swabs fall apart and leave cotton behind.

With nearly 100 years of experience making the finest cotton swabs, Q-tips maintains their reputation for safety, quality and performance.

Stock up on the essential household cotton swabs trusted by crafters, artists, makeup professionals and families everywhere. Add this convenient value pack to your cart today!


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