Q-TIPS Cotton Swabs, 1875 Count Total for Home, Beauty, Crafts

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Discover the many uses of Q-TIPS cotton swabs with this convenient pack of 3 boxes, each containing 625 swabs for a total of 1875 swabs! These high quality cotton-tipped swabs are a must-have item for every household.

The Q-TIPS brand has been trusted since the 1920s for their quality craftsmanship. These cotton swabs feature tightly spiraled 100% cotton tops that are twisted onto sturdy paper stems. The gentle cotton tips won’t fall apart like cheaper brands.

From beauty touch-ups to detailed cleaning, Q-TIPS swabs can help tackle small jobs with precision. The compact cotton tips allow you to reach into tight spaces that fingers or tools can’t access. Yet they are soft enough for use on delicate surfaces.

Beauty lovers will enjoy using Q-TIPS swabs for perfecting their look. Apply eyeshadow in the ideal shape. Use the cotton tips to dot concealer directly onto blemishes. Define and fill brows with precision. Line lips flawlessly before adding lipstick or gloss.

Use the swabs to remove nail polish mistakes in a flash. No more cotton balls and ruined manicures! Separate lashes after applying mascara. Q-TIPS swabs are the perfect beauty tool.

Around the home, Q-TIPS cotton swabs make cleaning a breeze. Their small size is ideal for cleaning dirt from crevices, fans, blinds, appliances and more. Use them to dust keyboards, phones, TV screens and other electronics. Clean walls and baseboards spotlessly.

Crafters love using Q-TIPS swabs for gluing small items and adding paint details. The cotton tips give you control for your DIY projects. They are also great for mixing paints and epoxies.

The cotton swabs work gently enough for pet care needs like cleaning your dog’s eyes and ears. Use them for baby care to delicately clean around the nose, ears, fingers and toes. With 1875 Q-TIPS swabs, you’ll be prepared for every use!

Reasons to Love Q-TIPS Cotton Swabs:

  • Total of 1875 swabs (3 boxes of 625 each)
  • Trusted Q-TIPS brand quality since the 1920s
  • Soft, tightly spiraled cotton tips
  • Sturdy paper stems don’t bend or fray
  • Ideal for detailed beauty touch-ups
  • Great for cleaning tight spaces and small jobs
  • Perfect tool for arts, crafts, and DIY projects
  • Gentle enough for pet and baby care

Never be without these essential household tools again! The Q-TIPS Cotton Swabs Club Pack provides 1875 premium swabs for all your beauty, cleaning, crafting, and detailing needs.

The tightly spiraled cotton tips are soft yet durable and won’t shred mid-use like cheaper brands. Treat yourself to the quality of the leading brand you know and trust – Q-TIPS swabs!


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