PureScents Jōvan White Musk for Women Eau de Cologne Body Spray Trio (2.5 oz Each)

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Indulge in the captivating scent of Jōvan White Musk with this trio of 2.5 oz body sprays. This alluring fragrance envelops you in a subtle oriental blend of white florals and musk for a scent that is distinctly feminine yet mysteriously exotic.

An Iconic Scent with a Rich History

Jōvan White Musk was first launched in 1972 and quickly became known for its signature musky aroma infused with delicate white flowers. This clean yet sensual scent evokes feelings of sophistication and intrigue, making it the perfect go-to fragrance for everyday wear.

Over the decades, this timeless classic has continued to earn devoted fans all over the world. The subtle oriental notes create an aura of understated elegance and confidence for the modern woman. Spritz on Jōvan White Musk to leave a memorable trail of scent wherever you go.

Floral and Musky Notes

Top notes:

The fragrance opens with sparkling bergamot and fresh lemon, adding an uplifting citrusy twist. As it develops, notes of delicate white flowers emerge, including jasmine, ylang-ylang, and honeysuckle. These floral essences lend a romantic femininity to the scent.

Middle notes:

In the heart of the fragrance is Egyptian jasmine, one of the most precious flower oils in perfumery. Its rich, warm, and sensual aroma adds fullness and depth. Ylang-ylang brings its heady, narcotic sweetness while honeysuckle contributes green freshness.

Base notes:

Finally, the base notes create an irresistibly warm and musky dry down. Sensual white musk is balanced by earthy amber and woods, leaving a lingering trail of mystery.

Versatile for Day or Night

One of the key attractions of Jōvan White Musk is its versatility. This fragrance gracefully transitions from day to evening wear, complementing a variety of occasions and moods.

For daytime, it adds a touch of sophistication to casual looks without overpowering. The clean floral musk scent is office-friendly and refreshed throughout the day with a spritz on pulse points.

As evening approaches, apply a bit more fragrance to take the scent to a sensual level perfect for a date or night out. The exotic undertones make it ideal for creating an aura of glamour and intrigue.

Body Spray Format

Jōvan White Musk is presented in a trio of convenient 2.5 oz body spray format. The lightweight, quick-drying formula makes it perfect for carrying in your purse for freshening up anytime.

The smooth, non-greasy mist absorbs into skin, allowing the fragrance to bloom directly on your pulse points. It provides all-over scent in an easy, fuss-free application.

How to Apply

To get the most out of your Jōvan White Musk body spray:

Hold bottle 6-8 inches from skin and lightly mist key points on your body. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Prime your warm pulse points like wrists, neck, décolletage, and inner elbows. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the fragrance.

For a longer lasting effect, apply moisturizer or unscented lotion on skin before misting fragrance. This helps the scent adhere better.

Bring the bottle along in your purse for quick touch-ups whenever you want a fragrance boost. Reapply on pulse points and lightly mist over hair, clothing, and scarves.

Layer the body spray with the Jōvan White Musk perfume for a more intense and long lasting scent.

Delight Your Senses

Surround yourself with the alluring scent of Jōvan White Musk anytime with this trio of body sprays. The floral musky aroma will delight your senses while adding a touch of intrigue and sensuality to your presence. Spritz on this timeless fragrance to feel elegant, confident, and mysteriously sexy from day to night.


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