Pure Instinct CRAVE Roll-On – The Original Pheromone Infused Essential Oil Perfume Cologne For Her

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Experience the mesmerizing allure of Pure Instinct’s newest CRAVE scent. As the original pheromone-infused fragrance, Pure Instinct’s expert perfumers have crafted an intoxicating blend that captivates the senses.

An Empowering Scent for the Modern Woman

Pure Instinct continues their heritage of creating fragrances that empower women to feel confident, sensual, and irresistible. CRAVE’s scent profile evokes feelings of passion, intrigue, and magnetic attraction. Wear it as your signature scent for a captivating presence that’s unforgettable.

Potent Pheromone Formula Imported from Italy

At the heart of CRAVE’s formula is their most potent pheromone blend, imported from Italy. Pheromones are natural chemical messengers that can spark attraction and arousal when detected. Pure Instinct’s pheromone infusion interacts with your unique body chemistry to create an alluring, hypnotic scent.

Uplifting & Timeless Fragrance Notes

CRAVE opens with effervescent top notes of Italian bergamot, mandarin, and neroli. As the scent develops, notes of rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang create an intoxicating floral heart. Finally, the fragrance settles into a rich base of amber, musk, and creamy sandalwood.

The result is a bright, floral scent profile with warm, sensual undertones. It’s the perfect signature scent for daily wear or special occasions when you want to feel confident and sexy.

Layer It with Your Favorite Scents

One of the best things about CRAVE is its versatility. It can be worn alone as your signature standalone fragrance or layered with other perfumes and colognes. The pheromone-infused formula effortlessly melds with your skin’s pH and chemistry, allowing it to complement other scents beautifully.

Spritz CRAVE over your pulses and pair it with a woodsy scent for evenings out. Or, apply a mist to your décolletage and blend it with a fruity floral perfume for a flirtatious daytime aroma. CRAVE adds sultry undertones to any fragrance it’s layered with.

Silky Texture for Massages & More

CRAVE features an indulgent, silky texture that provides sensory stimulation beyond fragrance. Use it in sensual massage by applying to pulse points and letting the rich formula intoxicate your partner’s senses.

The velvety oil also doubles as a bath oil. Add a few drops to your bath water and let the seductive scent create an aura of relaxation. Or, spritz it around your space as a room fragrance before intimate encounters.

Body Safe and TSA Approved

Pure Instinct uses only clean, body safe ingredients so you can spritz with confidence. CRAVE is paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. The formula contains no harsh chemicals or irritants.

The 0.34oz bottle is TSA compliant for air travel. Bring your signature scent wherever your adventures take you. The rollerball applicator makes it easy to apply fragrance pulses and décolletage.

Captivate with Your Signature Scent

Experience the mesmerizing allure of CRAVE by Pure Instinct. As the original pheromone perfume, CRAVE ignites attraction and intrigue. With uplifting, floral notes and a seductive base, it empowers you to feel confident, sensual, and captivating.

Make it your signature scent or layer it with your favorite perfumes and colognes. The pheromone-infused formula melds with your chemistry to create an irresistible, hypnotic aroma. Let CRAVE spark alluring reactions wherever you go.


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