Promise Me by Aeropostale Peony Freesia Green Apple Women’s Eau De Parfum Spray

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Capture the essence of youthful femininity with Promise Me, an alluring fragrance for women by Aeropostale. Top notes of peony, freesia, and green apple evoke feelings of freshness and vibrancy, while heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, and rose add soft floral nuances. A base of musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood grounds the scent with warmth and subtle sensuality.

With its delicate fruity-floral bouquet, Promise Me is the perfect signature scent for the modern young woman. The peony, freesia, and green apple notes impart a bright, lively opening, conveying energy and enthusiasm. As the scent evolves, the floral heart notes bloom, lending a romantic, feminine quality. Finally, the creamy wood and musk base provide an enveloping warmth, suggesting intimacy and connection.

This youthful yet sophisticated fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night. During the day, a light spritz evokes feelings of freshness and vitality, perfect for the classroom, office, or a casual day out with friends. In the evening, apply a bit more for date night or a special event, allowing the sensual base notes to come through. Promise Me adapts beautifully to whatever the occasion may be.

The frosted glass bottle features a playful, asymmetrical shape and a convenient atomizer spray. Decorated with Aeropostale’s iconic logo, it will look chic on any vanity. The packaging reflects the blend inside – fun, flirty, and full of youthful charm.

Promise Me opens with effervescent green apple and vivid peony, attracting compliments immediately. The juicy apple note lends a mouthwatering tartness, while peony adds soft, rosy nuances. As the scent progresses, dewy freesia and velvety gardenia emerge, imparting romantic femininity. Lush jasmine joins in, lending its rich, heady aroma to the floral heart. Finally, base notes of creamy musk, warm sandalwood, and earthy cedarwood take over, grounding the fragrance in sensual depth.

With sunny optimism and romantic charm, Promise Me is:

  • Vibrant – The fruity-floral top notes evoke feelings of vitality and brightness.
  • Feminine – Heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, and rose offer delicate, floral femininity.
  • Sensual – The wood and musk base provides a subtle, sensuous depth.
  • Youthful – The lively apple and peony duo conveys energy and enthusiasm.
  • Sophisticated – A well-balanced blend that seamlessly transitions from day to night.
  • Alluring – An intoxicating floral bouquet that intrigues and captivates.

Promise Me is a memorable fragrance that makes an elegant addition to any perfume collection. Spritz on this fresh yet sensual scent to feel confident, charismatic, and runway-ready. It’s the perfect signature fragrance to compliment your unique style and inner radiance.

Aeropostale is a leading specialty retailer known for their fun, youthful apparel and accessories. Founded in 1987, the brand has captured the essense of teen life for over 30 years, staying relevant with each new generation. Promise Me joins Aeropostale’s expanding fragrance collection, allowing fans to experience the brand through scent. With optimism, spirit, and charm, this perfume encapsulates everything the Aeropostale name represents.

Discover your signature scent with Promise Me by Aeropostale. Let the fruity-floral bouquet infuse you with vibrancy and femininity wherever you go. It’s sure to become a fast favorite in your fragrance wardrobe!


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