Professional Large Wax Waxing Wood Body Hair Removal Sticks Applicator Spatula (500 Pcs)

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Tired of unwanted body hair? Want smoother, softer skin without irritation? Our Professional Large Wax Waxing Wood Body Hair Removal Sticks make at-home waxing easy and comfortable.

These natural birch wood applicator sticks glide over skin gently to apply wax evenly for precise hair removal. The smooth wood surface won’t scrape or scratch, so you can wax with confidence.

At 6 inches long and 3/4 inches wide, these applicator sticks are salon-quality. The longer handle gives you better control while the wide surface grabs just the right amount of wax. Get salon-smooth results in the comfort of your own home.

Waxing is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted body hair from the roots. Our applicator sticks help you apply wax thinly and evenly so it adheres properly to hair for easy removal. Just warm the wax, apply in the direction of hair growth with the stick, let it set, then pull off smoothly against growth.

The result? Hair-free, touchably soft skin that stays smoother longer than shaving. No nicks, cuts or irritation.

These wood sticks can be used with any type of body wax, whether soft or hard. They work for warm, cold and sugar waxing methods. The smooth birch wood won’t absorb wax so you get the perfect amount on skin every time. No more goopy mess or uneven results.

Get professional quality hair removal without the salon price. Our set of 500 applicator sticks ensures you have plenty on hand for months of treatments. Share extras with friends or family.

The 6 inch size allows precision application on small or large areas:

Arms & Underarms
Face & Upper Lip
Back & Chest
Bikini Area & Brazilian
Legs & Feet
No more razor burn or stubble. Enjoy weeks of stubble-free smoothness with waxing. It removes hair from the follicle so it grows back finer and sparser over time. Wax during your self-care routine for touchably soft, hair-free skin.

Choose the natural, gentle way to remove body hair at home with our professional waxing applicator sticks. Salons use wood sticks because they:

Glide smoothly without scraping skin
Allow precision application
Don’t absorb wax so the perfect amount sticks
Are washable and reusable over and over
Pamper yourself with convenient at-home waxing. Our salon-quality wood applicator sticks make it easy to reveal soft, sexy skin from head to toe. No more nicks, bumps or irritation from shaving.

Try waxing today to experience the smooth results for yourself!


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