Prime Collection Deep Sense Black Eau de Parfum for Men – Long Lasting Woodsy Citrus Scent

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Discover a bold, mysterious fragrance for the modern man with Prime Collection’s Deep Sense Black Eau de Parfum. This alluring scent opens with bright, energizing notes of lemon and bergamot before transitioning into an earthy heart of clary sage and lavender. Finally, base notes of vetiver, oakmoss and musk provide a sensual, woodsy finish that lingers on the skin for hours. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, this parfum is concentrated at 20% fragrance oil for unparalleled longevity and sillage.

Top Notes

The top notes offer a burst of citrus with Italian lemon and bergamot. Their sharp, tart juiciness adds an invigorating zing to the fragrance.

Heart Notes

Clary sage and lavender make up the heart of this scent. Their herbaceous, floral aromas lend an aromatic, medicinal air. The lavender also provides a soothing, calming effect.

Base Notes

Earthy vetiver, mossy oakmoss and soft musk come through in the base. Their rich, woodsy character gives this fragrance depth and sensuality. The musk adds a subtle animalic nuance while also enhancing longevity.

Fragrance Family

With its blend of citrus, woody and musky notes, Deep Sense Black belongs to the chypre fragrance family. Chypres are characterized by their contrasting layers and sophisticated style. The lemon and bergamot give it some freshness, while the herbs, vetiver and musk provide an intricate, multi-dimensional scent profile.

When to Wear

Deep Sense Black’s bold, mysterious aroma makes it perfect for evening wear. It’s an enticing scent for a date night or when you want to make an impression. The woody, spicy notes give it a sexy, masculine vibe. While versatile enough for any time of year, it truly shines on cooler fall and winter nights.

How to Apply

Apply this eau de parfum to your pulse points for best results. Good spots include the wrists, neck, behind the ears and insides of elbows. You can spray directly or rub a few drops between your fingers before dabbing on. Avoid rubbing the fragrance right after application, as this can crush the top notes. Reapply as needed throughout the day or night.

Long-Lasting Formula

With 20% pure fragrance oil, Deep Sense Black provides superior longevity compared to typical eau de toilettes. The rich parfum concentration means it will last for hours on your skin. While many fragrances fade after a short time, you can enjoy this scent’s evolution from top notes through base notes over the course of the day or evening.

Elegant Packaging

Deep Sense Black comes in a sleek, masculine bottle that looks great on any dresser. The deep charcoal juice offers an air of mystery and sophistication. A metal cap adds luxury while preventing spills or leaks during travel. The 3.3 ounce size is perfect for use at home or on-the-go.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and longevity of Deep Sense Black for Men. Try this parfum risk-free to experience its alluring woodsy citrus aroma. If you are not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement. Discover your bold, confident signature scent today!


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