Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer – Super-Fast Electric Spinner Cleans and Dries Brushes in Under a Minute

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Tackle the tedious task of brush cleaning in record time with the Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer from Ricris. This all-in-one electric cleaning station deeply cleans brushes while drying them in under 60 seconds, so you can get on with your beauty routine.

The automated spinning mechanism does all the work while you relax and prepare for the day. Enjoy fresh, bacteria-free brushes that apply makeup flawlessly.

Powerful Dual-Action Cleaning

With the touch of a button, the brush spin chamber fills with your desired cleanser while rotating brushes at high speed. Soap and water are forced deep into the bristles to remove every trace of color, oil and bacteria.

After a thorough wash cycle, it automatically lifts brushes up and spins away moisture for quick air drying. Reduce drying time from hours to minutes!

8 Sized Rubber Collars for All Brush Types

Fit any brush with the included collars in multiple diameters. Simply choose the collar that grips your brush tight and secure it on the cleaning spindle. Collars ensure a fast, leakproof spin cycle.

Easy Push-Button Operation

Intuitive controls make the cleaning process effortless:

Attach brush collar
Fill bowl with cleanser
Press button to start wash cycle
Raise and press again to dry
With hands-free cleaning, you’ll wonder how you ever manually washed brushes before.

Hygienic, Drip-Free Design

The enclosed spin chamber contains splashing and leaks for a tidy operation. The shatterproof bowl removes for easy disposal of dirty water.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your brushes are completely disinfected.

Make Brush Cleaning a Breeze

Slim and portable, this time-saving cleaner fits nicely on bathroom and vanity counters to encourage regular upkeep.

Take the hassle out of brush care and spend more time doing what you love. Satisfaction guaranteed with the Premium Brush Cleaning Station from Ricris.


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