Philips SH50/50 Replacement Shaver Heads for Series 5000 – Restore Like-New Performance

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Refresh your Philips Series 5000 electric shaver with the SH50/50 replacement shaver heads. Installing a new set of blades every 2 years helps maintain fast, close shaves and comfortable skin.


These replacement shaver heads are designed to fit all Philips Series 5000 models, including AT590, AT597, AT513, AT532, and AT550 shavers. Check your model number for compatibility.

MultiPrecision Blades

The SH50/50 includes dual-blade shaver heads with MultiPrecision technology. The innovative blade system features slots and holes to quickly cut long hairs, short stubble, and everything in between in just a few passes.

Super Lift & Cut Action

The first blade raises each hair while the second blade comfortably cuts below skin level, so you get an extremely close shave without irritation. The open design prevents clogging too.

Easy Click-On Installation

Replacing your shaver heads takes just seconds. Simply pop off the old heads and click on the SH50/50 replacement heads until they snap securely into place.

Refresh Your Shaver’s Performance

Over time, the blades inside your electric shaver head become dull. Replacing the shaver heads restores the closeness and comfort of a fresh shaver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace shaver heads?
For optimal performance, replace the shaver heads on your Series 5000 once every 2 years.

Do I need to replace the cutters too?
The cutters don’t necessarily need to be replaced as often as the heads. Focus on replacing heads first if the shave performance declines.

Can I use alcohol to clean the shaver heads?
Yes, you can use alcohol to sanitize the blades and rinse away residue. Don’t soak or submerge the entire shaver head in liquid.

What’s the difference between ComfortCut and MultiPrecision blades?
ComfortCut has rounded blade tips while MultiPrecision blades have slots and holes for cutting all hair lengths.

Do the blades stay sharp for 2 years?
Sharpness will gradually decline over 2 years. Replacing the heads regularly helps ensure maximum shaver performance and skin comfort.

Can I use shaving creams and gels with my shaver?
Yes, Series 5000 shavers feature Aquatec wet & dry technology, so you can use them with shaving gels.

What’s Included

– 3 x SH50/50 Replacement Shaver Heads

Key Features

Fits Philips Series 5000 shavers
MultiPrecision cutting blades
Lifts & cuts for close shave
Easy click-on replacement
Restore like-new performance
Replace every 2 years
Refresh your morning shave with the Philips SH50/50 replacement shaver heads. Keep your Series 5000 electric shaver performing like new with a fresh set of precision-honed blades.


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