Philips S9000 & S9000 Prestige Replacement Shaver Head with Precision Blades

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Refresh your Philips Series 9000 or Prestige S9000 electric shaver with this genuine replacement shaver head. The advanced steel precision blades deliver incredibly close, gentle shaves for smooth, comfortable skin.

Engineered for a Super Close Shave

The Philips S9000 and S9000 Prestige feature intelligently designed shaver heads with precision-honed steel blades. This replacement head includes ultra-sharp, V-shaped blades that cut long and short hairs cleanly and comfortably.

Glides Effortlessly Over Contours

The 5-direction ContourDetectHeads flex easily to trace the unique curves of your face, neck and jaw. You’ll enjoy a refreshing shave experience as the shaver head adjusts seamlessly to the peaks, valleys and angles of your face.

Easy Click-On Replacement

When your shave starts to feel rough and uneven, it’s time to replace the shaver head. This replacement clicks into place effortlessly so you can restore your Philips electric shaver to optimal performance.

Suitable for All Skin Types

The Philips S9000 series shavers are designed for men with sensitive skin. The Precision Blades protect skin and prevent irritation as they cut for an extraordinarily close result. Aquatec technology allows refreshing wet & dry use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electric shavers are compatible with this replacement head?

It’s designed to fit the Philips Series 9000 S9031/12, S9037/84, S9041/89 and the Prestige S9000 models. Check your model number.

How often should the shaver head be replaced?

For maximum performance, replace the shaver head once every 12 months. Look for signs of wear like pulling, irritation and decreased closeness.

How do I install the new shaver head?

Simply pop off the old head by pressing the release buttons and snap the replacement head into place with a click. Takes just seconds!

Can I use shaving gels and creams with this shaver?

Yes, the Aquatec seal allows refreshing wet & dry shaves. Creams and gels help the blades glide smoothly across skin.

Does this come with replacement cutters?

No, this item just includes the shaver head unit. Purchase cutters separately if needed. We recommend replacing both cutters and head annually.

Will this work on older Philips shavers?

No, this S9000 replacement head only fits newer generation Series 9000 and Prestige S9000 model shavers. Check your model number for compatibility.

What’s Inside

1 x Philips Series 9000/S9000 Prestige Replacement Shaver Head

Key Features

V-shaped steel precision blades
5-direction ContourDetectHeads
Designed for Series 9000 & S9000 Prestige
Easy click-on installation
Delivers incredibly close shaves
Replace every 12 months
Refresh your morning routine with a new replacement shaver head. Don’t settle for tugging, pulling and irritation. With ultra-sharp precision blades, this head delivers refreshing comfort and closeness shave after shave.


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